Why stop at greyscale?


You probably know the handy technique of turning your phone to a grey color scheme [NoSurf Blog Link]. It makes websites and apps less appealing and thus easier for you to not surf on your phone.

If you’re trying to ruin your smartphone experience, why stop at greyscale?
Here are some ideas I use to stop me from mindlessly using my phone:

(The screenshot somehow doesn’t include the grey colors) :man_shrugging:

In Android, go to Settings > Developer Options :

  • Simulate Color Space > Monochromacy (= turns your display to a grey color scheme)
  • Show Touches > ON (= creates visual feedback for touches)
  • Pointer Location > ON (= creates a screen overlay showing the current touch data)
  • Show Layout Bounds > ON (= shows each element’s border, margin, etc)
  • If you really hate yourself: Show Surface Updates > ON * (= every time your display updates, it will flash in a bright pink. Every animation, every scrolling, every movement - your screen will become pink for a split second. It completely ruins everything you try to do.)

If you’re hardcore, you could even crack your screen - so it’s harder for you to see anything. (please don’t do that it was a joke)

Changing all these settings has two main benefits:

Everything looks annoying. You no longer see colors, there are no whitespaces but a whole bunch of screen overlay and distracting lines. Consumption is no longer relaxing, but difficult.

Your phone is much slower. At least in my case, apps take longer to start and there is a small delay between the touch & animation.

It will pretty much ruin your smartphone experience - suddenly using the smartphone takes a lot more work and makes a whole lot less fun.

KEEP IN MIND: I only use these settings in times of emergency. If I realize I’m constantly drawn back to my phone, I activate them. But I don’t use them every single day, as it makes me want to throw my phone out the window, and that’s not helpful if you’re trying to text back your mom :smile:

*Don’t do this if you have epilepsy


Great advice! Only thing I want to add is how to enable the Developer Options in the first place:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Go to “About phone” (This option has a different name on different phones)
  3. Search for the “Build number” of your phone
  4. Tap that number seven times
  5. You’ve now unlocked Developer options!