Why are you NoSurfing?


Knowing why you are putting yourself through this challenging lifestyle change is very important for getting through the tough times effectively. The more emotionally charged your reasons for NoSurfing are, the more likely you’ll stick it through to success. As I’ve progressed, my reasons for NoSurfing have evolved. It’s not a bad thing if your motivators lose their spark over time. Just adjust to the change and find new ones. It’s good to review your motivators often.

I’ll now share the reasons why I am still NoSurfing today:

  • I just know that I am happier when I do it. I’ve spent lots of time being unhappy in the past. I just wish to experience the good stuff for once and NoSurfing seems to be helping me with that a lot.
  • I don’t like how most apps train us to be reactive. I don’t want to spend all my time reacting to things anymore. It doesn’t feel good. I just want peace.
  • I don’t like how the algorithms feed me the same content over and over again. Getting out of these ecosystems governed by algorithms has allowed me to open my mind up to a lot of new ideas. Life seems much more exciting nowadays because I can see that there is so much that is possible out there. I want to keep things this way.
  • NoSurfing allows me to be more purposeful with my time and energy. I feel good knowing I now have the ability to orchestrate my life in whatever direction I want it to go.

What are your reasons? Feel free to share them below.


I don’t like the type of person that I am when I use social media much, or like I did in the past.

I feel like I was much more impatient, rude, distracted, and my social skills were lacking. I was much more anxious, because the constant stimulation just added this background hum of anxiety and restlessness, plus worrying about if some deeply unhappy person on Reddit or Tumblr found something wrong with my comment and was gonna harass or expose me online. I felt like I had no time for anything, I was regularly unhappy about my life and how I spent my day. I felt like I had no hobbies and like I didn’t know who I am or what I even like, aside from passive unenthusiastic consumption of internet memes and gaming streams. I couldn’t find happiness or gratefulness in the small things either. I wasn’t randomly happy, just randomly sad a lot.

I think these are all reasons, plus seeing others still unhealthily obsessed with it and how it affects them, makes their life worse, and makes them come across. Their behavior often seems erratic, stressed, compulsive, and like they are not truly present. I don’t want to come across like that.


I can see that your reasons have evolved as you’ve progressed as well. There are a lot of things we don’t know we’re missing out on until we reach a certain point in our NoSurf journey. These hidden upsides are especially hard to see if we are surrounded by people who have similar usage habits. Once we get to this level of awareness, it’s hard to want to go back to our old ways.

  • I was spending almost my entire day on the internet in some form whether through video games, social media sites, or Netflix/YouTube.
  • I had almost zero friends and no job and no hope of either of those things changing without first escaping my internet addiction
  • Even before internet addiction occurred and my life was more “normal” i still used social media in an unhealthy way. Loving the attention I received by displaying my social status and having it validated through random people I didn’t care about on the internet.
  • Feeling shame when my social status dipped and had nothing to display on facebook/instagram
  • Feeling like shit seeing others on social media have better lives than me.
  • Escaping the homogenization of society in terms of cultural “group think”, everyone watching the same shows, seeing the same news, listening to the same music, seeing the same trends on social media leading to a lack of originality, newness, and individuality…and easily manipulated “public opinion” on issues like politics.

  • I notice that I’m abandoning my hobbies because it’s more pleasurable to mindless surf than to do my hobbies that is a long term one
  • I’m using social media to cope with loneliness that is just a band-aid solution
  • My attention span decreased drastically and it feels like my brain is a mush. I tend to struggle on following dance steps and I didn’t know the reason why.
  • Like @Nik I feel like shit when seeing others have better lives than me and it affects me drastically because I’m in a lower class. I feel jealous because they still have that better lives because my family was poor back then, then we became rich then back to poor again.
  • I’m wasting years of my life for a band-aid solution. Oh yeah I can cope loneliness using social media and all, but when I’m out of the screen I’m alone again but, when I have friends outside, even when I’m out of the screen I don’t feel lonely.


Great topic to think about and see what has motivated others to come and share their progress towards their own NoSurf journey!

I made a selection from the replies above of what is true for me as well.

For me the biggest shift came when I start to honestly assess my own situation. To put it simply, I was not yet where I wanted to be in my life and felt that my addiction to the various forms on the internet wasn’t helping it make it any better.

Being (soon) an engineer by trade, I am already not naturally inclined to be very outgoing in my character. The comfort of the digital world made it that there was little to need to get out of that zone and force myself out there and improve my “soft” skills.
Especially, if I wanted to have any chance to find a special lady to make this journey in life together instead of alone.

This was and is still quite relatable. Although the time I spent on the internet now is a lot better spent and I foresee using it less and less once I have fixed many problems of the past that I have let fester for way too long.

Contrasting to others here, I have never really cared much about social media. For me the biggest problem with a site like Facebook or Twitter, is that I would look up people that I met in the past, to see how their lives were unfolding. In doing so, I was preventing to give my best shot of unfolding my own life in a desirable way.

This is definitely true for me as well, and I see that NoSurf helps me in the right direction, by making me realize that other forms of media can actually benefit my attention instead of diminishing my “attention arc” as we call it in Dutch.

There are possibly many more reasons that have helped me decide to make me become a better overall person, but these are for sure the most important ones. I’m looking forward to all the other reactions to this post and see if I can get some new perspectives.


It’s great to see all the strong reasons people have for committing to this change. It’s fascinating to me that there is actually quite a bit of overlap. Although I didn’t start this pursuit with a goal of improving my social skills or social situation (though they definitely suck on average), I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in those areas. I’ve just more comfortable with people than usual.

I’m looking forward to hearing other’s responses! Especially those who are in the earlier stages :slight_smile:.


Yeah it’s interesting to see the overlap. There were also a few things that I escaped my awareness until I saw @Anthymn @Mark_Genesis_Sargent @omeleteeto @Wouter express it in writing form. Then I realized “oh yeah that applies to me too”.


I’m committed to cutting back on my (mindless) internet time because:

  1. When I am not browsing the internet mindlessly, I am productive, creative and happy.
  2. When I’m not browsing mindlessly, I can use my computer for useful endeavors, like reading articles on Napoleon (hehe), listening to podcasts, updating my vocabulary list, or writing poetry.
  3. When I don’t fill my free time with my computer, I have a tendency to goof off with my husband which is fun!
  4. I am happier when I am engaged in my life rather than running on automatic.

With that said, it’s time to log off. :slight_smile: