What are you reading? (Book recommendations thread)


The awareness grows! More and more books seem to be published about the topic of internet use, joining Adam Alter and Nicholas Carr.

It’s always a big sign that a topic is slowly arriving at the center of society when you can find translated books or new books in your native language that isn’t English in your local library or book shop. When the topic is so relevant there are multiple books in your shop of choice, and you can feel like you can stop forcing people to read English who don’t want to or can’t. The relief of getting a fringe topic to be popular enough to be accessible in your language!

Here for example:
Manfred Spitzer - Eine Smartphone Epidemie
Jaron Lanier - Zehn Gründe, warum du deine Social Media Accounts sofort löschen musst

I didn’t read them yet, but I felt like sharing this because it is another little sign that the journey is going forward and that the time has come to really talk about this. I think most of Manfred Spitzer’s books are NoSurf related and present information we know from Carr, Alter and Newport as well, just from the view of a German psychologist and other evidence. The above mentioned one is the newest release.

If you ever see news books or books in another language about NoSurf topics please share!


Right now I’m reading “The Magic Power of Self-Image Psychology” my Dr. Maxwell Maltz. It’s a 54 year old copy published in 1964, which is pretty crazy! I’m SUPER excited to read this one because Maltz wrote “Psycho-cybernetics,” which easily ranks in the top ten books I’ve ever read.

Short passage from the book:

The self image is your own conception of the sort of person you are. It is a product of past experiences, successes and failures, humiliations, and triumphs, and the way other people react to you, especially in early childhood. From these factors, and from others which we shall discuss later, you build up a picture of yourself which you believe is true. The picture may be false — and in many cases is false — but the important fact is that you act just as if it were true. For all intents and purposes, it is true.

“Then,” you ask, “in that case, my picture of myself as a weakling, as a victim, the person to whom everything happens is true! What comfort is that?”

There is a wonderful comfort in one fact, embodied in two little words — “as if.” You see, I said you act as if the picture were true. But is it? Since this picture, self-image, can change and has changed in thousands of cases, there is no cause for despair.


I finally ordered Charles Duhigg’s book that’s mentioned a lot here: The Power of Habit.

Plus, How to Become a Straight A Student by Cal Newport. :slight_smile:


Reading “The Alchemist” now by Paulo Coelho. I read it once when I was about 11 and barely remember any of it. It’s written in a very simple style and goes very quick. I’m already 3/5ths of the way through and only just started reading it :scream: Really enjoying it so far and don’t want it to end