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  1. Who are you?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. What do you want to improve about your internet use?
  4. What are your goals for the next year?
  5. What are you most excited about in terms of our growing community?

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“‘Why was I chosen?’ ‘Such questions cannot be answered,’ said Gandalf. ‘You may be sure that it was not for any merit that others do not possess: not for power or wisdom, at any rate. But you have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have.’”

Hello All - Here's Me
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Hi I’m Nikhin, I’m 24 and live in New York!

What I want to improve about my internet use:

  • I don’t use social media or play video games anymore but I do want to get better at keeping my focus on what I’m doing right now rather than multitasking and checking my phone, group chats, and text messages etc.

My goals for the next year:

  • I want to move into my own apartment in NY or San Francisco, finish all the books on my shelf, and become fluent in Malayalam (my native language)

What I’m most excited about:

  • I love meeting all our super interesting and cool members from all over the world and getting to know them. I love finding out about people interests, learning strategies from other people, and getting their book recommendations (by now you know I’m a book hoarder)


Hi :slightly_smiling_face: I’m 23 years old and went to school for computer science to learn programming.

Where are you located?

  • I live on the east coast

What do you want to improve about your internet use?

  • Right now the two big outcomes I desire are to: shut off my computer by 9pm every night and to not use the phone first thing in the morning

What are your goals for the next year?

  • My goals are to be more active (lifting, walking, yoga) and start introducing more nutritional foods into my life (more fruits and vegetables). I also want to read more fictional books (I read mostly non-fiction right now) and re-establish two habits: daily meditation and visualization of success in achieving my goals.

What are you most excited about in terms of our growing community?

  • The fact that NoSurf has the potential to reach millions of people and be a true force for change in our society :fist: I’m also really excited by the strong community we have here. I’ve seen first hand how powerful having a closely knit circle of like-minded people can be for affecting positive change. I can’t wait to read all of the success stories that I know it’s going to play a direct role in helping to bring about


Hello, everybody! I’m Daniela.

Where are you located?

  • I live in Medellín (Colombia).

What do you want to improve about your internet use?

  • I want to replace my internet time with useful activities. Haven’t deleted all my social media accounts but I use all of them with moderation. I don’t add any friends on Facebook, only to check local events. Already deleted my Tumblr account but still got the YouTube one, I’ve installed an extension to hide the comments and recommendations, which helped me tremendously (those two sites are the biggest reasons I’m committed to NoSurf).

What are your goals for the next year?

  • I’m considering a career change (currently doing an Art degree, planning to get into Translation English-French-Spanish). I need to schedule my time: I need to study for the entrance test (this include Maths), polish my english skills, learn French from scratch, start doing tennis, read more books, learn to sew (I want to start making and selling bags), draw more, meditate, don’t drown myself in depression and anxiety.

What are you most excited about in terms of our growing community?

  • In all my internet life, I’ve never been part of any discussion forum (or any kind of comment threads). Always been a passive user (I feel like I have nothing to talk about like I can’t seem to form my own opinions, I feel empty… but that’s a topic for other day). Anyway, I’m happy to be here sharing my thoughts with all of you!


Hello, I’m Joel!

Where are you located?
I live in Manila, Philippines.

What do you want to improve about your internet use?
I want to be able to use the Internet, particularly Youtube and Reddit in a purpose driven manner and not get lured into binging them.

What are your goals for the next year?
Be able to carry a conversation no problem.
Learn enough Japanese in order to survive in Japan.
Create a simple video game and publish it online.

What are you most excited about in terms of our growing community?
This is the first self-improvement community I’ve ever been in, and I’m most excited about the fact that an increasing amount of people are actually getting their life together along with me.


Hello, I am Simon, 30 years old and work as a software engineer.

Where are you located?

  • In a small town in Upper Austria

What do you want to improve about your internet use?

  • Stop surfing the web at work and be more intentional about it in my free time

What are your goals for the next year?

  • Completing all open tasks in renovating my house, devoting more time to reading, re-starting my habit of going to the gym at least two times per week, putting into writing what fulfilment would look like for me

What are you most excited about in terms of our growing community?

  • That, with communal support, people get a real chance of breaking their addiction and reclaim their life.


Hi, I’m Max :v: I’m 21 years old, and I’m currently studying computer science.

Where are you located?

  • I live in a relatively small town in Germany

What do you want to improve about your internet use?

  • I want to stop mindlessly binge watching YouTube or randomly listening to music on Spotify

What are your goals for the next year?

  1. Going out and meeting new people; generally being more social
  2. Starting to work out again
  3. Make reading a habit
  4. Get good grades on my exams

What are you most excited about in terms of our growing community?

  • I’m still amazed that a community like this even exists! All of us here have similar goals, making this forum incredibly helpful. And with NoSurf and similar mindsets regarding technology becoming more and more mainstream, this community will grow throughout the next months/years :smile:


Hello, I’m Wouter and I currently reside in the Netherlands.

What do I want to improve about my internet use?

  • I’d like to see a long-term downward trend in the minutes I spend on my phone every day and related to it, the number of screen unlocks. Currently, I’m using it 2 hours and 15 mins per day on average. I’d like to reduce that with at least one hour and ideally with five quarters of an hour, so I only allow myself 60 quality minutes per day. The number of screen unlocks I have are 70 and could be further reduced to 40, knowing a lot of those unlocks are out of sheer boredom and that is a habit I want to unlearn and replace by a different behavior.

  • These are all goals related to the usage on my phone and I have not thought of any limits for my PC or tablet. Especially the latter I can waste quite a bit of time on by reading on Reddit or watching YouTube. For that service, I’d like to batch my viewing into a single sitting and only use the website one day per week, instead of the hour(s) I lose currently in the evening right after dinner. For my computer, the only things I have implemented are a strict blocking policy of any news, social media or otherwise distracting website, like YouTube for example. Ideally, I’d like to minimize the number of programs on it and make sure that the time spent on that machine is intentional and constructive and benefiting my growth for the years to come!

What are my goals for the next year?

  • If there’s one thing I have learned from the book I am reading right now, is to only focus on a single goal. And for me, that goal is to graduate from my Master’s programme at the technical university. Once this goal is completed, I’ll shift my aim to finding a job that allows me to develop my talents and takes my well-being both physical and mental in consideration. Meaning there are opportunities to do exercise near the office, being able to have a shower after a morning bike commute and allows people to do some proper deep work by minimizing distractions on certain hours. The latter might be a bit wishful thinking and will mostly be something that one has to arrange for themselves personally, by having a strict schedule, but one can dream right.

What am I most excited about in terms of our growing community?

  • The more people that can bring great insights to the table, the better in my opinion. I have learned already quite a bit on this website; some handy tools to change my environment to make it easier for myself to succeed, personal tips and tricks to adjust my mindset and become better equipped for all the distractions that will inevitably come my way and last of all input from others on my own journey and view on limiting technology.


Hey, I’m Ava, 22 years old and have a dog. I love taking long walks with him through forests and along rivers, and I am interested in 3D Game Art, Minimalism, Stoicisim, Embroidery and lots of other things!

  • Where are you located?

  • What do you want to improve about your internet use?
    For context, there’s Cold Turkey on my computer to allow me a maximum of 90 minutes of NoSurf stuff (mod duties etc) and the rest I spend doing stuff like checking bank and email, online ordering, learning Swedish, online classes, research and writing of normal threads or blog threads. I use my tablet for any digital reading, and there’s no social media on my phone, just the usual useful apps (public transport, notes, calculator, WhatsApp, meditation guide, music…). Both have TimeGuard on them additionally to block some stuff but just as a relief/reminder more than an active measure.
    My last 3 weeks of RescueTime reports have shown between 3-7 hours of computer use per week. :slight_smile: I used to log more than that every day.
    So this is how far I’ve come, and for now I am super happy with it and just hope to keep it up even through rough times! I want to improve on my “failsafes” so to speak, kind of backup plans on what to do when I feel like mindlessly binging - if a depressive phase should come up again, or in case I am sick and bored. Being prepared for these kind of situations and making plans for the specific needs and problems of it is something I am still working out.

  • What are your goals for the next year?
    ◊ I want to study hard because I will start trade school soon and I want to succeed well there after deciding to stop studying at university. I want to practice some Deep Work habits by Cal Newport to aid me in that.
    ◊ I also plan to eat vegetarian for the big meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) but try to keep the inbetween snacks vegan. I currently eat vegetarian at home, while eating meat when at restaurants.
    ◊ Inbetween work, school, dog, girlfriend, learning Swedish, doing embroidery, cooking, gardening, meditating, etc. I want to see if I can fit in some external part - like an actual Swedish class, or a drawing class, or starting to play Badminton or Volleyball. I think having a hobby together with others that forces me outside even more and to get to know people would really complement me well.
    ◊ I also wanna contuine learning more about Stoicism and essentialism and incorporating it into my life, as well as staying minimalist.
    ◊ I strive to keep up my daily habits, and continue journaling!

  • What are you most excited about in terms of our growing community?
    I’m looking forward to the cool and unique perspectives that are gonna appear, and how we can all support eachother and animate eachother to begin doing the things we always wanted to do, and holding ourselves to a better standard. I hope we can share our hobbies and help eachother get into them, so starting it doesn’t feel as lonely or confusing.

Dog Tax:


Hi everyone,

I’m Bein Siong, or can call me Near. I’m from Singapore.
I’ve been increasingly attached to surfing/playing games in the past few months, once i start - it’s so difficult to pull myself out. Been trying things here and there but with only little progress. I want to be able to

  • surf only when I have the time to
  • manage my sleeping hours and not let surfing eat into them
  • when I realize I am surfing for too long, be able to withdraw

My goals for the next year? That’s like pretty long ahead to think about. I have a plan for my next month - to manage my sleeping hours and control my surfing so I can sleep by 11.30pm - for at least 4 days a week. I want to try that first and see how it goes. I am looking for an accountability partner and have sent out a request to someone in that topic.

I’m pretty excited to see something like this community happens and it’s legit, no weird undertones. I think it’s really great to have people who really want to change and support each other, so I’m looking forward to existing in this community and be supported + support. I wish everyone all that you need, to achieve the desired changes you want :slight_smile:


Hi all, I couldn’t find this thread, so I posted my reply here:

Hello All, Here’s Me


Hi there, I’m BoneslyGrifter, or Jordi. I’ve got a blog called Harsh Truths that made it onto the newsletter so I figured I’d make an appearance over here and check things out! I’m a graduate student in Landscape Architecture in Texas.

Internet-use wise, I’d like to stop reaching for Discord so much when I’m bored. I’ve completely cut out other social media and mindless surfing, but I’ve been an internet-chatroom addict since I was 12. I don’t see it as necessarily a bad thing, in small doses, but sometimes I can spend a few hours a day on it when its really not something I should be doing.

Goals for the next year include: finishing and releasing an ambient album I’ve been working on for a while, recording an album with my band and getting that released on vinyl (stretch goal of getting onto a record label), getting all A’s in my classes, and narrowing down what I want my thesis to be about. Additionally, I plan on moving out of my parents’ house and in with my long-time partner once she finishes her master’s degree in May. Lastly, its travelling. My biggest anxiety hang-up is about travelling away from home, but yesterday I did a 2.5-hour round trip and it was literally triple the distance of my last excursion, so there’s progress there. I’d like to go see partner’s hooding ceremony, which is about a six hour drive away.

In terms of the NoSurf community, I’d like to see this become a movement. I’d like to see this community end, eventually, as people won’t need it anymore. Inspire people to re-evaluate their dependency on the internet, and become more involved in real life.




Hi, I’m Chloe. I’m in my early twenties and from the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

  1. What do you want to improve about your internet use?
    I’d like to waste less time on the internet and stop my information addiction/compulsion. I would like to have a life outside of internet use.

  2. What are your goals for the next year?

  • Study hard to get into Monash University.
  • Reduce my waste.
  • Declutter.
  • Work on my OCD.
  • Get/do part-time work.
  • Get my attention span/mind back.
  • Read more and become more productive/capable.
  1. What are you most excited about in terms of our growing community?
    I’m hopeful the community will motivate me to stick with changes/change my mindset.


Hey Chloe welcome to the community! I hope you’ll find the resources here and advice you need to take control of your internet addiction.

Also, there’s a book called Brain Lock by Jeffrey Schwartz that you might find really helpful for your OCD. It’s helped me greatly.


Hey everyone!
I just posted my intro here


Hi, I’m a 24-year-old Asian from SE ASia who’d like to keep my identity private. I joined NoSurf because I want to detox from social media, which I realized was a form of addiction. I’ve been experiencing relapses and withdrawals, and worse–them combined.

Next year I’d like to be able to travel alone to Japan (or if not, bring 1-2 friends or a boyfriend shall my relationship progress), have improved Japanese, and a good set of clients for my art business. And move to Japan ASAP too.

I’m excited to receive support from likeminded people and hoping I meet people trying to detach themselves from social media and the fear of missing out (FOMO). I’m stoked to join NoSurf and get better upon doing so!


Hey SNS welcome to the community! :slight_smile: