The Irony of it All — Digital Marketer Tries to Quit Social Media


Brief introduction: I am a freelance social media manager and content creator, and for the past few months, this has been my life — researching trends, trying to craft posts that would grab the attention of someone on the internet, trying to help brands make more sales. My problem is this: I have been depressed for a while and social media has been my coping mechanism. I tend to go down on a rabbit hole and I find it hard to control my social media usage. I know it all boils down to discipline, but I just feel like I don’t have enough will power to pull myself out of this trap that I have created for myself.

My solution and commitment:

  1. Limit myself from checking social media (both for work and personal accounts). For the next 30 days, I am abstaining myself from checking personal accounts and I would try my best to only focus on the work that had to be done.
  2. I would try my best to not browse for more than 60 minutes a day. Articles (informative ones) will be saved to my Pocket app for reading. I will only read when I’m disconnected from the internet.
  3. I would carve at least 10 minutes a day to journal and reflect on where I am, what I could improve, and how things has been.

Wish me luck.


Day 0 (August 15)

  • No Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube apps on both my Ipad and smartphone
  • Logged out of my accounts in Chrome (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Logged out of my personal accounts on Instagram (only left client accounts on social media)


Hey, welcome to the forum :v:

It‘s great you realized your usage of social media is just a coping mechanism for your depression! This, and posting your story here are fantastic first steps towards a better future.
The restrictions and goals you set yourself are really good, especially kepping a journal helps immensely with self-reflection and improving your overall quality of life.

With that being said, you‘re certainly in an interesting situation. Because your work requires you to know everything about social media, it could make your overall joruney a bit more difficult as you have to be on social media a lot. Logging out of your personal accounts on Twitter, Facebook, etc. is a great step though.
In what capacity do you „use“ your clients‘ social media accounts? Do you read comments and answer or do you only observe what‘s happening on there?


Hi Max! Appreciate your comment :sparkling_heart:

The thing is, I use my personal account to handle the administrative tasks for one of my clients and I only realized it yesterday (which sucks, tbh). Most of the tasks that I do is engagement to communities, researching trends/possible viral content, and basically overall management of their pages. It’s hard to distance myself, and to be perfectly honest the past 2 days I’ve fcked up so badly, I’m thinking of just giving up. :sob:

Anyway, I appreciate the support and hopefully I’ll find something to fix this issue.


Day 2 log:

  • Fucked up and checked Facebook and Twitter twice. Started out in good intentions (checking trends for client research) but ended up into a rabbit hole of scrolling through until I caught myself just refreshing the thing with zero inputs on
  • Spent the day at my boyfriend’s and ended up scrolling through while I was waiting for him to wake up

Action plans for th coming days:

  • No social media on my phone and will also try not to use it as much. Downloaded Forest App, hopefully that would help.
  • Use Pomodoro method on my PC. That way, I get to do focused work only and not spend too much time trying to “get busy”
  • Forgive myself, not give up, and move past the hurdles that I’ve let myself stumbled upon

Weekend is coming. Hopefully, my online classes would keep me busy and I could get more stuff done.


Bad idea.

That‘s a better attitude :laughing:

But seriously: forgiving yourself when things don‘t go the way you planned, is probably the most important thing you can do. I‘m currently on a 30 day „detox“, i.e. no PC and no Reddit or YouTube, and I‘ve definitely struggled and indeed failed to keep that up the last few days. But by getting sad and just giving up after a few mistakes, I‘ll never be at a point where I‘ve got my internet habits under control.

So, when you make a mistake: forgive yourself and move on :grin:


Sad update:

I’ve totally abandoned this plan and looks like I’m starting over again. Relapsed pretty badly because of some personal circumstances that I’ve yet to fix, but I’m promising myself that I would try and do my best to get better.

I still have not installed Twitter or Facebook on both my Ipad & Phone, but it’s on my Browser so I’m logging out. Logging out of my Instagram + leaving only work stuff.

My issue on the internet goes way beyond not being able to let go, but hopefully my renewed faith that I’ll get over this would help me pave my way through. Also, I’m just so tired being exhausted all the time.