The Community Journal Thread (share your progress + updates)


Thank you @MaxWolf! I will definitely let you know if I need any help. This sounds kind of terrible but I think I’m going to quit German and just stick with Greek. I don’t know if German is my thing, the words are just not coming naturally to me (and I’m unintentionally speaking them with a French accent, to boot) :expressionless:


As far as I’m aware, German is seen as a difficult language to learn; especially for someone from the States. I can imagine that the pronounciation is difficult for someone that’s not used to it. Especially pronouncing ä, ö, and ü. I’m pretty sure there are no sounds in the english language that come close to the pronounciation of those three letters :sweat:


So true. Feel free to drop German. if I wasn’t already speaking it I wouldn’t wanna learn it either :woman_shrugging:


Even as a Dutch person I find it more difficult to pick up than let’s say French and other Romance languages. :sweat_smile:


Whenever I’m in the Netherlands I feel like everyone is speaking Bavarian German while being really drunk. :joy: :joy: so understanding something while spoken is mildly okay but whenever I read menus seems like a completely drunk German mashed the keyboard and that’s how dutch was created


Hey everyone,

Newbie here.

I had a really good start to my week with avoiding all internet politics on sunday monday and tuesday. The few times I caught myself slipping up, I clicked over to this site. But then today I spent a few minutes checking polls at work. And when I got home I jumped on the internet for hours staying up until 3am. This is really messing with my life, health, and sleep schedule.

I don’t know what to do. I feel like I can hold it together for a few days, but whenever I do, I end up relapsing even harder like this. I can’t consistently break this addiction.