The Community Journal Thread (share your progress + updates)


Well, that’s certainly interesting haha As you said, it’s interesting how “triggers” can be so different for everybody! Only problem is that this makes them difficult to identify. I may have identified mine now, but it took me months to fully grasp why I had days where I was so unproductive.

Woah, I’ve never heard of that approach. How exactly does that work? Do you use an alarm clock to get out of bed? And how do you know what time it is when you have an appointment?


Thanks for the advice! I am doing a 30 break from Discord and I unsubbed from 9 more channels. You can see my journal for more details


I’m not organized enough for that. :slight_smile: I’d just remember the time I woke up (rounded to the nearest 5 or 10) and then couple of days I’d pop them into a spreadsheet with basic notes like “felt tired” or “felt awake” or “hit snooze”. That way I can look back and remember the process of winding a sleep schedule back, if I ever need to change it again.


I am currently in the process of shifting more and more, so I don’t know yet how it is supposed to work, but I do tend to feel a lot better.

Basically I remove all the clocks with minutes (and especially with seconds) out of my vision and I will receive a new watch for my birthday. A 24h watch with just one pointer for the hour and from that you can derive roughly whether it’s a whole hour or a quarter to or from the whole. For me it will be a reminder to look at the bigger picture in life and not get buried in the unnecessary detail.

I still use an alarm clock, but that one is set on a preset time and my room will light up at the same moment in the morning. (Albeit in the future I’d like this moment to shift a bit forward, so I wake up a little earlier day by day).

Furthermore, when I have an appointment, I will put it in Google Calendar with a reminder, that will trigger a notification and if it’s important or urgent also a sound.
So when I do need to be precise, I can be, but for the rest of the day I can live on a slower pace and not need to worry about the minutes lost to ‘inefficiency’.

Yes, this seems like a better system. Right now, I have set up an alarm that asks me to rate my sleep at the moment I wake up. However, I feel like I can’t be an honest judger of that, when I just wake up out of limbo land. Perhaps the few hours and days help me get a more objective view on the situation.


Haha. Yeah. I discovered that the later I wake, the more I have an opinion on how terrible it is to get out of bed. If I get up at 5:10am, my body doesn’t put up much of a fight. I just get up and go, no time for an opinion. But if I let myself sleep in on the weekends, say… 6:00am, then I have a harder time getting out of bed, and I often write “very tired” in my spreadsheet. It’s weird.


I’m here for my weekly update.
Its Saturday evening,and the current week hasn’t been as productive as it should have.The first 2.5 days were good,I was on track,motivated and studying.But after that I haven’t stuck to my schedule.I was out for some work for a day,and the rest 2 days I did waste a good amount of time that could have been utilized.
In short,this week has been an unsuccessful attempt.I did waste time on the internet.
On the brighter side,I have been waking up early everyday and meditating regularly.
I need to get disciplined.
I’ll still keep trying,I have made a few changes to my schedule.
Will post an update next week,will try harder to stick to my plans.I gotta get out of this waste time-regret-waste time loop.


I was at the library checking out Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Somewhat fittingly, I overheard a conversation between two librarians a few feet away.

“My sister’s a Spanish teacher and she says it’s becoming impossible to teach kids anything. They don’t even know how to read in English, how can they learn how to read in Spanish?”

She said it was terrifying how many kids are graduating high school and can barely read anymore.


How I’m feeling: Okay. I’ve been kind of distracted and stressed lately, due to weird little personal/familial dynamics popping up. I’ve been running on my rest days, which helps me clear my head.

Screen use: Okay, not great but not bad. On days when I feel tired, like today, I find myself wanting to use the internet to stay awake. I’ve also made a habit of playing Stardew Valley about every other day, which would be okay if I was limiting my time to an hour, but sometimes I play it for several hours and then I feel like I have square eyes. :roll_eyes:

Thoughts for the immediate future: I don’t know. I’m thinking about using the Cornell method to take paper notes while I listen to my history podcasts and audio courses. I’ve never taken written notes like this before, but I think it would be fun. My partner and I want to go to local farms and pick our own produce (like apples, pears, squash, pumpkins, grapes) to use in baking and cooking.


This is really cool I’ve thought about doing the same except I was trying to find 60 minute hourglasses. Only problem is that these are kind of expensive $50+.

Were you inspired to do this by reading The Shallows? I found it really interesting reading about the effect of time keeping devices and partitioning our days into increasingly smaller, discrete units. I’ve noticed a big effect on my perception of time since nosurf so I’m curious if modifying the time keeping devices in my life will have an effect.

Meaning that my perception of time is being pushed slower, and slower creating the sense of having more valuable hours in the day to do things.

Do you know the brand/model of the watch? I’d like to check it out.


Haha, yes, based on the recommendation in the other thread about longer pomodori-session of closer to one hour or 90 minutes, I am very interested to purchase one of those myself later on at some point. They make for a cool gift to ask friends or family.

Possibly, I think I came across the concept from multiple sources, but one of those could very well be that great book.

Yes, I am convinced that the feeling of time is all based on your own perception of it. And the nice thing is that you can’t change the time passing by, but you can alter your perception of it in various ways. That is the only real thing you do have control over in a sense – this way trying to apply the Stoic principles on time itself.

Yes, I can make a picture of the model that I got and sent you a link through a personal message. If other people are interested as well, I could make a separate thread about it, but for now I think it’s a very niche thing :wink:


awesome thanks!

So I’m enjoying the iOS 12 update so far. The screen time feature has been useful so far but it seems lightly buggy still. When I go to my “Weekly” view, the data for some days just dissapears altogether and it shows an average daily time of 4 minutes…which is definitely too low…


I’ve had major issues with Screen Time on iOS too, throughout the beta versions. I was so excited to use it, and it was disappointing to deal with multiple bugs. Hopefully they get them sorted soon, especially since iOS 12 is live.

For the last several days, I’ve been missing or skipping my one hour of internet time between 3-4pm. My phone notifies me when my internet time starts, but I’m often in the middle of something and I don’t like switching tasks just to check forums. I think it’s a good thing that I’ve been finding more value and enrichment in my personal tasks (making pizza dough, listening to an audio lecture on music, planning an event with my sister), to the point where I’ll forgo my little slice of internet.

I allowed myself 15 extra minuets of internet time today, in order to check NoSurf, because I missed my hour yet again.


2nd week update.This week has been better than the last one,even thought the scope for improvement is still huge.I blocked the sites that I used to waste time on,and started studying in hour long sessions to make sure I don’t take unnecessary breaks.
I close my laptop during the breaks,rather than browsing random sites and youtube coz “its break time anyways”.I’m trying to keep track of the reasons I waste time and utilize it instead.
Trying to replace my internet browsing during break sessions with other things like breathing exercises/bit of walking.I plan to use internet only for study purposes now,and blocking sites is indeed coming handy. Tbh I still start thinking about random things,or feel sad without any reason.Its my brain hungry for dopamine shots it used to get,gotta keep it calm.

I’ve included some warm up and stretching exercises in my morning schedule just to shake the laziness off and get working sooner.
The plan for next week is to continue this momentum, and study in hour long sessions WITHOUT GETTING DISTRACTED.I start thinking about random things while studying,I need to focus and get my concentration back.That’s the main goal.I still couldn’t complete all the things I had decided I would this week.Hopefully,It’ll improve with time…


The halfway point with 30 days without discord! However, I am beginning to cling to forums now, Animal Crossing Community in particular. There, I am staff on a store. I want to delete the account, but I buy items for the game in there. Any advice? Internet habits and future addictions to services are really apparent now. Maybe I am too conscious about this


Try having less things to do. You want to ask how many of the things in your list are absolutely essential. It’ll also feel better knowing you got everything done that you wanted to rather than have multiple things left over.


You should definitely reflect on the progress you’ve made and congratulate yourself for it.

I’d recommend making a list of all the internet related activities that still remain and asking yourself how much value they add to your life. This might mean stepping away from games and other things completely but for now go slowly and take small steps.

It’s also super important to connect this to something you really really want. Cutting away internet deprives your brain pleasure. So you definitely want it to know that your doing it for s greater good. So try to set some goals for the next year that really get you excited. Then start to see how the internet use and these goals conflict.


You’re right.This week I’ll prioritize my list.


Week 3 update:this week has been pretty similar to the last one.Have reduced the time spend on browsing,would like to continue that.However,I’m still not satisfied with my overall progress,I can utilize more time towards studying.
Another thing I need to get better control over is overthinking and regretting.Need to focus on the present,what has been done in the past can’t be changed.
I finally spoke to my friend about my past habits,I’m glad I finally did it.I had been either talking to myself or distracting myself with internet/gaming/porn whenever I used to feel low.The latter is like a pain killer,it distracts you for sometime and takes you on a “I feel better now” trip,doesn’t really help in the long run.A couple of months down the lane,I want to get clean of these things and open up more,and I believe I’m on the right path now.
Early morning routine and meditation has been going as planned,so that’s something I need to stick to.Until the next week…


Hi everyone! Dropping in to give some updates.

Since spending a full week immersed in my target language, I’ve been deeply involved in study and exposure to French which leaves me little to no time (or interest, really) in surfing the internet. One week has stretched into two, and it’s possible that I will continue using French for everything except communicating with English-speaking friends. This feels like a great short- to long-term solution for breaking any weird surfing habits that are stubbornly hanging on.

I have also added German (and possibly modern Greek) to my studies, but it will be more like a hobby and less like a part-time job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall I am very happy with my internet use. I know it could rush back – or more likely, insidiously sneak back in – so I’m keeping care to remain vigilant.


Great to hear that learning french helps you stay off the internet! Staying busy is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to avoid wasting time online. BTW, if you need help with your german studies, feel free to send me a message :grin: