The best apps & software for NoSurf


There’s also Remove Youtubes Suggestions and No Youtube Comments which does…the exact same thing.


I’m having a huge problem here.

I’m trying to stay off the porn. But there’s been this one loophole that not even Cold Turkey could block it.

But it’s cortana’s web searching where I could look up images and…you get the idea.

Is there any way I can block out or disable Cortana? Something so essential to Windows 10. I wish I had Windows 7 again. It would have been a lot easier. Maybe it’s just getting off the computer.


I would like to add 2 more:
Chrome extension:LATITUDE

Andriod web browser:SPIN


Yes, here it is.


Ya’ll should add Cold Turkey Writer to the list. It’s a great distraction-free text editor for writers, or just people who want to write something without being distracted.