Summer Recovery: mabelgkim's journal


This is awesome. I’m really excited for your 30 days without Discord! Let us know how it goes.

I did a 31-day Reddit-free challenge for the entire month of August. The first week was tough. I kept thinking about Reddit and wanting to check it. But once the first week was over, I rarely thought about Reddit anymore. Now that it’s September, I can technically check Reddit, but I haven’t even visited the site once, because my habit is broken and the website doesn’t provide anything meaningful to my life.


I am currently subbed to 19 channels. I have a habit of refreshing the sub page. In your opinion, what’s are the pros and cons of checking the channel page over the sub page?

I would definitely let you guys know! I would go full cold turkey with Discord, but I want to check in with my server every week to see how it’s doing. I am at the stage where I want to go back to Discord. I am trying to resist the best I can!

Edit: I planned to check Discord every Saturday if I want to so I can check in on my server. However, I did that too many times yesterday. I transferred ownership of my server to an alt account. Then, I deactivated my account for the time being. Today (Sunday) is my first full day without Discord.


The benefits of not checking your sub page? You actually kind of answered that question yourself

I had the same problem. I kept refreshing, looking for new videos to keep me occupied while sitting in front of my PC and wasting time. When you check individual channels however, you don’t have that. Not a lot of channels update more than once a day, so if you just go directly to their channel refreshing the page over and over isn’t gonna do anything. After some time, when your brain realizes that, you’re gonna get rid of that habit.
The only negative thing I can think of, is that binge-watching potential hasn’t really decreased, as, when you’re looking at a channel page, you can see all of their videos. I have that well under control though, so it’s not a problem for me.

But before you do that, you should think about cutting down your subscriptions even more. The only reason this works so well for me is because I really only follow 3 channels and they have different upload schedules (one uploads daily, the other two update once a week or so) so I check one of the channels daily and the other two once a week. If you’re still following 16 channels though, checking their channel pages individually is probably too complicated to make it a habit. But you could still try it!


I have cutted down to 10 channels. I will catagorize them here:

News Updates:

  • EverythingApplePro
  • Official Pokemon YouTube Channel (USA)
  • Official Pokemon Youtube Channel(JP)
  • Franklyn FM McInnis

Waiting for series to continue/end:

  • Alan Becker
  • Mr. Buddy

Slightly Interested:

  • Vat19
  • Company Man

Has Irregular Upload Schedule; fits into last catagory in some way, shape, or form:

  • PatMac
  • LSuperSonicQ

Also, when I disable the Sub page, it disables the whole sidebar. Is this an isolated issue or is this what is supposed to happen?


Before I start this week’s entry, I need to announce something: I have been journaling here for 1 month! Because of this, I will go over my original time hoggers/goals and see how I have changed:


  • 25-30 subs to 9-10 subs
  • Considering disabling the sub tab, but when I do the setting on DF Tube, it disables the whole left sidebar. Any different extensions?
  • Before NoSurf, I could binge watch Inside Edition thanks to the reccomended videos. DF Tube is a life saver!
  • Overall Satisfaction of Change: 8.5/10


  • Deleted account
  • It was hard at first, but have no regrets for now
  • I still go on Reddit, but not as much as I used to. I stay logged out, of course
  • Overall Satisfaction of Change: 9/10


  • Going on a 30 day break right now (5/30 days in)
  • I feel a strong will to go on the service right now
  • Deactivated main account for the time
  • I have an alt account only for checking on my server if I wish
  • Before this break, I used Discord for 3-6 hours a day
  • It was taking away valuable family and friend time away from me
  • Overall Satisfaction of Change: 6.5/10

Overall Satisfaction with all Change: 7.5/10

Week 4 (Reboot 1; 5/30 Days):


  • Staying away from Discord has been hard. I keep having the will to go back. Because of this, I have deactivated my account. I keep thinking of missing out.


  • Any thoughts about the 30 day challenge?
  • A friend in Discord told me it doesn’t work. Is this true? (He did it for two weeks and then became hooked again)
  • Is there any alternative to DF Tube that lets you just disable the sub tab and not the whole sidebar? I still want to check some channel pages.
  • If you used Discord or any similar service and did the challenge, what were your thoughts about it?


“It doesn’t work” is a complicated statement to make in this context. In my opinion, it does work, but it’s no cure for your overall addiction to Discord itself. It just makes it easier to resist these temptations. If you just revert back to your previous Discord usage/habits after these 30 days, you’ll fall back into your old behaviour.
I talked about my 30 days without YouTube before. This has defintely made it easier for me resist my urge to mindlessly check YouTube. But if I just go on YouTube again “full-time”, I’ll immediately be on the site 24/7 again.

It won’t completely get rid of your Discord addiction—you’ll still need to be careful about your usage—but I can guarantee you, that it’ll make things easier in the long run.


Your “friends” experience has no correlation to yours. It’s a bit like if your friend said that “exercise” doesn’t work because he got no results from it. Clearly that’s not the case especially because you don’t have any context.

He might have checked in on Discord everyday. He might have quit Discord but still sat on the computer doing other mindless stuff. So it’s important to keep that in mind.

Going cold turkey isn’t really to break your addiction, because right after the disconnect your app/service will still be there. The point is to give you space so that you can look at something clearly and see if you really need it in your life.

It gives you time to think about how to make your life better. When your on discord all day there’s no metathinking or introspection going on. This time let’s you analyze why your on Discord for hours in the first place and then do something about those reasons.

To tackle those reasons you might sign up for a team sport in school or an after school club. You might pick up new hobbies like reading fiction, or arts and crafts.

But without that disconnect this level of metathinking might’ve been impossible.


Good point. I haven’t thought about that. I still am allowing myself to use the internet during my Discord break. I would do YouTube, but I get most of my gaming, collecting, and Apple news from there. I am thinking Is this news necessary? I also struggle with refreshing my email now. I have 2 gmails and 1 hotmail account I use activately. Since I quit Discord, I have a “friend” (same person from the initial post) that updates me when I need it. He hasn’t been updating me recentely (fuels my want to go on even more). Any thoughts guys?


Week 4.5 (Reboot 1; 8/30 Days):


  • Some of the urge to go on Discord is disappearing

  • I am afraid that I will become addicted to Hangouts because I chat with a long distance friend there. I have their email as well.

  • On the topic of email, it has helped me learn that I can always come back/people are not always online for you. I have this thought stuck in my head where I don’t want to rush people to respond with email, so email is really the best for me right now.

  • I have been on this fourm called Animal Crossing Community. I have a feeling I will get addicted to it as well.

  • Is there any alternative to DF Tube that lets you just disable the sub tab and not the whole sidebar? I still want to check some channel pages.

  • Have you had a similar experience with email?

  • How do I not get addicted to Hangouts?

  • What is your opinion on my last thought? What can be done to prevent that addiction?
    More Channels I Unsubbed to and Why:

I saw this coming. I just thought their videos were boring and sit at the bottom on Water Later. The only interesting videos they make is their Spy Series. I have starred the playlist for the Spy Series instead of subbing.

Apple Explained:
This might seem like an odd choice because this is an Apple History channel. However, I don’t feel satisfied after watching the videos. It’s more of an evolution of X product rather than history of X product


Hey Mabel. Have you been doing anything in your free time now that you’ve been spending less time on Discord and YouTube?


I am mostly occupied with school right now, so that is helping. However, as stated, I am afraid that the same thing that happened to Discord will happen to Hangouts.


Week 5 (Reboot 1; 12/30 days):


  • For some reason, I am more conscious about my internet usage. The following sites I feel like I will get addicted to down the road:
    - Google Hangouts (Chat with a long distance friend occasionally; have their email)
    - Animal Crossing Community (A video game forum that you can buy and trade items in-game)
    - Literally any forum I am on
    - Email (Kinda, MacOS Mail app has been helping)
    - Deleted the Mail app on my phone.
    - That a good idea or not?
    - Group text (I need it for family chat and school
  • Email has been working out great for me. Best way of contact for myself.
  • Thinking about disabling the sub tab, but when I do in DF Tube, it disables the whole left sidebar. I still want to see some channels, so is there a workaround?
  • Although I get updates from Discord from a friend (I get trivia app news from there), most of the want to visit Discord is now gone.


  • Is this normal to start being more conscious about internet use during a break?
  • What are your thoughts?


Week 6 (Reboot 1; 19/30 days):


  • Basically the same as Week 5
  • Halfway through on 30 days Discord-free!
  • Clinging to forums now that I have no discord. I mainly go on Animal Crossing Community, a gaming forum. I am thinking of deleting that account, but I am staff on a shop and get items for my game there. Any thoughts?
  • Also thinking about how long could I go Discord free still. I run a server (trivia app fandom is dying, so might be my chance to take a longer break), so I might want to update my server.


  • How should I deal with forums?
  • If you used something similar to Discord and did the challenge, how was the halfway mark for you?


Week 7 (Reboot 1; 28/30 days; Did this 2 days late):


  • Yes I did this 2 days late. Sorry
  • Almost done with 30 days Discord! I think I might only use Discord for DMs or my server.
  • Relapsing on YouTube. I might do a 30 day challenge, but I don’t know if I would be able to.


  • How should I use Discord after the 30 days (I own a server)?
  • How should I deal with YouTube?
  • Should I do a 30 day challenge with YouTube?
  • Fourms are still an issue for me, so what should I do about them (I should note that I am trying to leave fourms)?


Hey mabel try taking another 30 days, this time without YouTube. I made a commitment thread stickied in the main section if you want to commit for the month.

As for the Discord, what’s your server about?


If I try YouTube, I want to start tomorrow so my Discord challenge ends first. My server is about trivia apps. That fandom isn’t doing good right now, so in a tight spot on what to do


Week 8 (Reboot 1):


  • Done with 30 days Discord free. Going to start to reduce time to one view per week.
  • Speaking of Discord, I also made an observation that all people sound the same in my head on the internet
  • I don’t know what to do with YouTube. 30 day challenge would be fin, but I get some information from there.


  • What should I do with YouTube?
  • What is your opinion on my approcah to Discord after 30 days?


A 30 Day YouTube detox sounds good. From my experience, detox’s seem to be the key to getting through these unhealthy dependencies. Just make sure that you’re learning to truly enjoy your time (and deal with the negative thoughts and emotions you may be running from) without the apps during the detox. Otherwise, you’ll just bounce right back to your old habits.


I don’t really feel like I need a journal anymore. Might still lurk here. Could a mod close this?