Summer Recovery: mabelgkim's journal



I decided to make my journal public so I could get some advice from those in the community. Anyways, let’s start with what I already done:

  • Download Moment on my phone. Bought the Pro version
  • Have the iOS 12 beta on my phone, so I also use the new Screen Time feature
  • Deleted YouTube and Reddit from my phone
  • Installed DF Tube on Chrome
  • Installed Cold Turkey Free on my Mac
  • Narrowed my subscriber list (YouTube) from 200 to 25
  • Narrowed my subscription list (Reddit) from 20 to 5

I used Moment since April, the rest of the list is all new stuff I did to cut back before school. Results are mixed. I never felt the urge to disable DF Tube, but I keep refreshing Reddit, Discord, and here to wait for a reply. But I feel like I can always come back later now. My willpower is strengthening, but it still needs work. Discord is my biggest foe at this point because I own a server. When I leave, I believe I am leaving behind a sense of community, but it’s a bit better now. HQ Trivia is a game I use to play all the time when it’s live even when I don’t have time. I only play the 6pm PDT/9pm EST games now. I have a 21.5 inch iMac, iPad mini (Original; 1st gen), a spare Samsung core Prime, and an iPhone 7+ (main phone). I collect Pokemon and Funko Pops. Also, I enjoy to doddle occasionally. Now for some questions to wrap things up:

  • Is there an age requirement to NoSurf/be on the forum?
  • How could I overcome Discord use and stop refreshing pages?
  • Is there an alternative to Moment on iOS because I always ignore the daily limit notification

Thanks for taking the time to read this long first entry. See you soon! I will try to update weekly


Week 0:

NoSurf Goals:

  • Cut back on discord use
  • Cut back on high phone use
  • Stop refreshing

Real Life Goals:

  • Get Work Done


No, absolutely not. Everybody is welcome here :grinning:

Your overall goal should be to only allow yourself to be on Discord for a specific amount of time. The exact time completely depends on you and what you feel is appropriate (IMO, your end goal should be to completely stop using it). When the time is up, do not start the program again. This is the most difficult part: actually enforcing that rule. There are two ways you could handle this: 1. Use self-discipline to stop yourself from opening up Discord 2. Use a program that blocks Discord for you. The second option is probably the better option, as using self-discipline will be difficult when you‘re still at the beginning of your journey.

Can‘t really help you with your third question, as I don‘t have blockers installed on my phone.


About the second question, I have uninstalled the desktop version of Discord and only use the broswer mode, but I will try your suggestion


Week 0.5:


  • YouTube surfing is getting better
  • Slightly more willpower to get off
  • Turning on the mode to switch between color and grayscale on my phone

Goals (NoSurf):

  • Discord use is still high, so cut back
  • Phone use is still high (more than 2hrs), so also cut back


  • I feel like I can’t leave Discord because I own a server, any way to overcome that?
  • What are the positive effect you experience from NoSurf?
  • Have you felt regret of doing NoSurf?


I used to run a server on Discord. I just ended up asking someone in the group (someone trustworthy and active) if they would like to run it for me. She was very happy to take over, so I switched ownership to her. I don’t remember exactly how to do it, but I found an article online. You can still take place in the group but you won’t be responsible for modding or being active.


That’s a good idea. Thing is, I don’t have enough mods to have enough to pass the keys. Is there another method you could suggest?


Week 1:


  • Been using Discord less, but still need work


  • Stop being distracted when doing work by surfing


  • How do I achieve the goal above?
  • Is there an alterntive to Moment on iOS (other than Screen Time)
  • If you used to use Discord, how did you stop?

Inspriational Thought:
Even if you go on the internet in the fear of missing out, you are still missing out on the joy and wonder that life itself brings.


That depends on what your goal is. You say you can’t leave Discord because you own a server, so I assume you are trying to leave Discord permanently. For that, you will either need to abandon your server (which I don’t recommend) or find someone to take over. That person does not need to be a current mod. Whoever takes over can assign new mods. At some point you just have to make a decision about how you want to spend your time.

On the other hand, you could keep the server and Discord, but then you have to set parameters for yourself. An example would be to set up a blocking program on your computer and blocking Discord for 23.5 hours a day. Then you get 30 minutes per day on Discord, no more. You can still do your admin duties, but not spend time screwing around or endlessly chatting.

Personally, it was fairly easy for me to pass on my Discord server to another person. However, it was much harder to find new people to take over my Facebook group that had upwards of 4000 members. I had a serious think about it, and I quickly decided that this group was taking time away me instead of adding value to my life. Because I was determined to permanently delete my Facebook account, I contacted one of the mods who agreed to become an admin. I gave him my email address as a contact, and then I bowed out entirely. I’ve never regretted it.


Week 1.5:


  • Deleted my Reddit Account (more about that later)


  • Be more productive with online work by not surfing


  • How do I achieve the goal above?
  • Is there an alternative to Moment on iOS (other than Screen Time)
  • If you used to use Discord, how did you stop?
  • There is no way to recover Reddit accounts, right?

Story Time:
I was pretty much awake yesterday morning. After checking Discord, I went to check Reddit. I wanted to change something in user settings, so I went there and accidentally clicked deactivate account. Google auto-filled the info for me and I click all the prompts to delete Reddit. I dont know how I feel about this yet, but I hope it’s good


It took me a while to delete one Reddit account that I’d grown particularly attached to. Letting go of that account felt like letting go of a close friend, even though I had hardly been active on it for months. I can imagine it feels particularly uncomfortable for you as well since you did not mean to delete it in the first place. What’s bothering you the most about having your account deleted?


Well, since Reddit crashes on Chrome, I would still have to live without Reddit unless I use old Reddit. I check old Reddit periodically, but not as much as I used to


Have you thought about checkin in at less frequent intervals? Would the server fall apart if you weren’t on there everyday?

Because you could always block it on your phone and your PC and check in once a week or so at the library.


It’s not so my of my server as with checking other servers. I could check less frequently, but if I see an instresting comment, I would be sucked into the conversation


Week 2:


  • Feeling better about deleting my Reddit account now.
  • My Discord use is mainly on other servers and not mine. I just got moderator on a server as well. I don’t want to give the position so soon
  • Noticed a pattern in my Discord use. After 7pm PDT, I will stay till bed. Any way to fix?


  • Stop being distracted while working
  • Use less Discord


I don’t have any questions this week. Feel free to add your thoughts


Week 2.5:


  • I take back what I said three days ago. I got demoted. I cannot explain why, but I feel happy about this.

  • Trying to stop internet use after 7pm. Don’t see any benifits yet.


  • Stop being distracted while working
  • Use less Discord


  • When do you see the benifits of NoSurf?


Before you see benefits, you’ll actually go through a brief dip in how you feel. This is mainly because your cutting out a big source of stimulation for your brain. So you’ll end up feeling temporarily frustrated and bored a lot during the interim period that your brain is rewiring back to normal.

The duration to notice benefits depends on a lot of things. When I quit social media I was very addicted to Twitter. It got to the point where my mind was constantly thinking of clever, funny, or witty things to tweet.

This took almost 4-6 months to completely go away. With more general things I found that some benefits started within 2 weeks. You should find books easier to read, you should find them more enjoyable while reading them.

You’ll start to feel more of a desire to do other things. This is really because your brains essentially starving for good chemicals that it needs to do something to alleviate the boredom. So if you have some fun activities set up, it’ll make it a lot easier.


Before I start this week’s journal, I decided to reboot this. I have done poorly on Discord use (4-8hrs a day), so I decided I need a fresh start. Week count is staying the same though. I will reflect on the past three weeks (or last reboot) and see what needs to be changed.

Thoughts on Reboot 0:

  • I have (accedentely) deleted my Reddit account. I have never considered reopening my account since. Funny thing is, I made a post asking how to deactivate you account instead of deleting. So, I think I wanted to delete Reddit subconsciously.
  • Discord use has skyrocketed. I am in 8 Discord servers now. One is my own.
  • YouTube use is getting better. I have a few more channels I want to unsub to (MoreJSTU). However, I want to see a end of a video series before I unsub. Should I just unsub or wait?

Week 3 (Reboot 1):


  • I really need help with my Discord use. It has skyrocketed to 4-8hrs per day. I have been missing quality time. When I am off Discord, I always seem to think of something to post in a server or in my annoucements.


  • What my thoughts are. Basically, how can I cut Discord?


Week 3.5 (Reboot 1):


  • I have decided to go without Discord for 30 days starting yesterday. More about that below
  • Unsubbed from MoreJSTU. @horatio and @zeldajones had provided me with some wisdom about unsubbing to channels. I will cite them below

30 Day Discord Challenge:


  • I am going 30 days without Discord
  • I am allowed to check, but not chat, on Discord every week
  • I given an admin on my server my email incase they need to contact me
  • I can use the rest of the internet, but not Discord

My family & friends support my ideas. My Discord friends tried to convince me not to, but I stayed true to my goal.


  • Survive the 30 day challenge


  • If you did do a similar challenge to me, how was it for you?
  • How will it be coming back to said service after you come back?


I didn’t check my YouTube subscriptions for 30 days.
Tbh, it was easier than anticipated. At the beginning, I really wanted to check, but I managed to stop myself from doing so.
After these 30 days, my habit of always checking my subsciptions was completely gone. There are two channels that I still kind of follow, but when I do, I go directly to their channels, thereby completely avoiding my “subscriptions” tab.

Going cold-turkey for 30 days is the best thing you can do!