[Suggestion] How to use the Free Time you have from reducing your Internet Use


[This has been a thread copied over from the NoSurf subreddit]

This might be useful to other NoSurfers, especially with all the threads about what to do instead of checking the internet.

What you can do outside (on your own, or with friends, family, partner…)

(might be limited by your means of transportation, weather/season, physical ability, what your region offers, how much time you have, and how much disposable income you have. Maybe hit up meetup.com, or look at Groupon for discounts)

  • Restauranthopping. This is basically a guided tour where you can try out multiple restaurants in one evening, to sum it up. Different cities might have different additional options for that tour (technically, Barhopping is also a thing, but I don’t want to encourage bingedrinking…)
  • Visit nature parks. (Some are normal and with nice hiking paths, some are enclosed and feature animals like birds, monkeys, etc. roaming freely inside)
  • Visit zoos. (Let’s not argue here, I’m just presenting an option.)
  • Visit an aquarium!
  • Some farms offer collecting some of their produce on their fields to take home for a small fee. Usually strawberries, asparagus etc.
  • Go swimming in a local (designated for swimming) lake, beach, or indoors/outdoors pool
  • Go to the sauna
  • Visit some gardens (Some cities have amazing botanical gardens with multiple greenhouses with exotic plants)
  • Visit an entertainment park (The ones with rollercoasters etc.)
  • Go to the cinema (It doesn’t necessarily always have to be the big ones with the upcoming movies. Some cities have some interesting old, themed cinemas that play older or indie movies.)
  • Go to a theatre or opera
  • Visit planetariums and learn about the stars
  • If you live near a big city you don’t know that well, think about participating in a guided tour to do some sightseeing
  • Look up the local museums and see if you find some of them interesting. There is a wide array of museums; food museums, computer game museums, art museums, historic museums…
  • Do some workshops in real life at a local universtiy or institute (They usually take one day or an entire weekend. There are countless ones, going from programming to game development and game jams, to cooking or calligraphy or making your own fancy chocolates)
  • Go pick up garbage in local parks, forests etc. (Some cities have groups and dates for this kind of stuff)
  • Go nature journaling. Grab a notebook, go outside, draw some plants or other stuff you encounter.
  • Ride a bike. Many cities have some green areas with nice biking paths. Maybe even mountain biking or dirtbiking?
  • Visit the local library
  • Try Geocaching or PokemonGo (may be difficult to some of you because of the smartphone usage…)
  • Enroll in some weekly classes (Maybe dancing, or oil painting, or a language!)
  • Sign up at local sports clubs and participate there (Soccer, badminton, tennis, …)
  • Visit christmas markets or other markets
  • Look if the local school/university/organization has some interesting (free/guest open) lectures (Especially non-profits often invite some guest speakers for some interesting stuff)
  • Look up local debates and participate if you like
  • Start a local book club or join one
  • See if there are any interesting events in your area – maybe a festival, or a flea market, or concerts, or standup comedy, or poetry slams
  • Participate in local game nights or start one
  • For the teenagers here: Some cities offer cafés for teenagers and kids where you can meet people, play, talk, have access to counsellors, etc.
  • Visit your local animal shelter. Most of them need regular walkers for their dogs. Sign up, and take a dog for a walk!
  • Look if your city has some opportunities to engage yourself socially/volunteer. For many cities that means working with homeless people or refugees/immigrants, helping kids do their homework and give them additional tutoring, helping disabled people, assisting old people with their groceries, … Some even have opportunities to help disabled and traumatized people have animal therapy with horses and dogs, or you can help train dogs to become guide dogs etc.
  • Start offering your car and time to Uber/Lyft or be a courier for packages or ordered food

What you can do at home (or directly near it)

(might be limited in what tools your have at home, how much money you have to buy tools or ingredients, your time, ability… etc…)

  • Cooking (Not only for that evening, but cook meals in advance and do meal prep!)
  • Baking (Cakes, cookies, bread…)
  • Starting to make your own beer, (mulled) wine, liquor, …
  • Start pickling, canning, making your own marmelade or sauces…
  • Crafting: Embroidery, knitting, crocheting, wood carving, bone carving, quilting, weaving, felting, sewing, 3D printing + Arduino stuff, repairing, paper crafts, pottery, leatherwork and embossing, tapestry and patchwork, ceramic art…
  • Create art and draw/paint
  • Design mugs or T-shirts (there are some sets out there with special markers and sharpies to do that)
  • Gardening
  • Making your own soap or candles (Can be surprisingly fun)
  • Meditation, Yoga, or Working out
  • Learning and playing an instrument (Guitar, violin, flute, …)
  • If you’ve made your devices distraction-proof and with blocked websites: Online classes and coursework like KhanAcademy or Udemy offers are great
  • Chores and other housework like tidying up, decluttering, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, cleaning the windows, cleaning out the fridge and/or freezer, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, taking out the trash, rearranging furniture, getting rid of old stuff you meant to throw away or sell for ages, painting rooms …
  • Learning a new language (Consider getting actual books and work material to stay offline instead of stuff like Duolingo, or use Duolingo Pro for offline use of exercises at least)
  • Start a collection
  • Play boardgames, card games, do puzzles …
  • Play sudoku or crossword puzzles
  • Read a book
  • Do scrapbooking or journaling.
  • If you have the optimal location in your garden: Learn how to build a bat house or a beehive
  • Take some selfcare time: Trimming nails and hair, removing calloused skin, waxing, peeling, moisturizing, having a bath, conditioning your hair, doing your eyebrows…
  • Listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts
  • Try and write a story, an opinion piece, a poem, lists, write down your worries… write!
  • Upcycle something you’d otherwise throw away
  • Create a photo collage (a physical one)
  • Create a bucketlist (a list of things you always wanted to try or do)
  • Take a hold of your financial situation and create Excel sheets about your spendings
  • Digitalize stuff important to you. Scan pictures, take pictures of important things, etc.
  • Have a yard sale

Feel free to add some!

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This is a fantastic list. Too much stuff to even comment on. I love to suggestion about learning a musical instrument, I’m currently learning Harmonica and it’s been so great. Guaranteed 30 - 45 minutes a day of solid alone time and I’m making friends with fellow players.
One thing that I’m finding a little difficult is spending too much time online related to harmonica vs spending more time practicing. Watching videos and shopping for gear can be addictive. so I’m trying to print off sheet music/exercises to play along to before I practice. It makes for a much more disciplined session.
I thought of a cool idea as well. Should we do an online “Band” with all of us who are learning a new instrument? We could all learn how to record and combine tracks. That might be cool.