SSRI for nosurf


I’ll be honest, I am fucking terrified of using ssri or sertraline as my doctor says for nosurf,
but I think it may be helpful as I am in this negative cycle and I have trouble keeping friends due to my anger at the world.


Ahh, another angry person. Nice to meet you friend.

I can be angry too sometimes. I’m getting better at it though. Some things that have helped me is to develop a general sense of compassion for the world and myself. Reading the book How to Be Compassionate by the Dalai Lama was something that helped me figure out what that even looks like. Generally, compassion and empathy are very important for making sure your anger doesn’t turn destructive. Meditation has also been very helpful for me (both mindfulness and metta). It’s important to slow down. First slow down then distract yourself until the anger passes. Finally, self-awareness is also very important too. You have to be aware when you’re in a state of mind that is more likely to get angry, when your anger is leading your actions and thoughts, and many other things. I’m naturally very good at this but sometimes getting help from others can be useful too. Here’s a quick article on the topic. Working on my anger is one of the best things I’ve done for myself these past few months. You can’t be happy and angry at the same time. Every time you let anger lead you, you sacrifice an opportunity to experience peace and joy.

You have nothing to fear with medication. If something goes wrong, you can always stop. Just let your doctor know if you’re experiencing any unwanted side effects. You’ll be alright :slight_smile:


Hey are you classifying me as another angry person like a loser or something?
Idk man I’m hella insecure.

But anyways, I took some ssri today. I think Imma take that route.
Last time I tried meditation, i had this weird feeling in my ears like they were vibrating after like 2 months man.
Anyways, on to bigger and better things.

I think what helped me was the saying:
“Not all my decisions will be correct, but I have the courage and discipline to deal
with the consequences”.
I’m scared of shit like the dependency or what not but I know I have the ego/sense of purpose to deal with that shit.

Also David Goggins was helpful so yea fucking listen to him guys.

wait: btw u can’t see my email can u?

also how do i delete my account? I think engagin with a forum like this will help me but also make me dependent on the internet which of course I want to avoid lol.


Oh, sorry if you took offense to my comment. I was trying to relate to you actually :sweat_smile:. I’m kind of relating to you even more now as you misinterpreted my comment.

I love David Goggins too! He helped me so much through my last depressive episode. His book is great too :slight_smile:

I’m not sure of deletion but I know that the mods can anonymize your account:

Making use of ITAA as mentioned is a good idea as this forum is apparently closing now: Announcement: Forum will be closing this Friday 2/8/19