Seeking out a partner


Hi. I’m 25, a woman, and British.

All of these are preference, so message me if you think we’ll be cool regardless.

Looking for someone aged: 20-35, preferably female, but cool doods are fine too.
Occupation: Self-employed
Long-term goals: Never lose more than an hour of my day ever again to browsing internet content.
Why you want an accountability partner: So that I can talk to somebody as invested in my success as I am in theirs.
Preferred method of contact: Discord or Email. I’m pretty confident in talking to people, so voice chat is something I can do regularly with you if you want. If not, I can keep up with you on a scheduled basis in writing.


Still looking, no responses yet. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m 25 too, I’m a man, and I am French.

I dont want to spend my time in internet anymore, Discord is good for me,

My discord is Absub#0834


Hi, don’t know if you are still looking for a partner.
I’m 23 year old female and appreciate your detailed post.

I’m in USA, Pacific time but am available in my morning (9 AM my time is about 5PM yours)


Hey Natnat,

Yeah I’m still looking for someone to talk to. What’re you available to talk on?