Seeking an accountability person


I’m b.1996, Korean-American immigrant for 15 years.

7 years in Korea: 4 years living with family, 3 years living with grandparents
15 years in USA with immediate family

I’m at home for most of everyday. I work part time as an intern, with 1 month probationary period. I live at my parents’ house.

I lived away from here for the past 3.5 years, and have been living with my parents for about 2 months since I moved back in. I took the time to bounce back from anxiety and stress-induced major depression. I stopped going to high school during my final year. I questioned my entire life, had an existential crisis. Had breakdowns and visitations to the hospital and attained diagnosis. I went to college on and off, got OK grades. I got to experience how world was like on the outside. First 3 years was rent. Next 6-8 months was paying off rent on my own and working full-time, 3-4 hours of transit a day. Lived with landlord who thought of me as a son, and her actions contradicted her words.

I don’t play games. I used to play a lot of multiplayer Tetris. I played a whole lot of other games before Tetris. I left the games behind because I realize how much time and money I’m giving to the game companies and how powerful the game design hooked me into their reward system like a lab rat, and the skills that I polish in a video game apply to that video game. Often times, the skills are not transferable to world outside of video games, and also, most video games lose popularity over time. There’s not much meaning in investing a whole lot of time in video games. It’s hard to make friends who aren’t

I try to read books. I like to watch informative videos/lectures. The last videos I watched was video on Depression by What I’ve Learned Youtuber and Schizophrenia by Professor Robert Sapolsky at Stanford U.
I have interest in this topic because I have history of mental illness - Depression, Anxiety, and Sapolsky is great at teaching.

Note: I’m not solely interested in this topic. I’m interested in other topics so that I can build mental models or learn skills to maximize intertemporal utility.

I dislike romance, I think that idealistic thinking that is romance is primary cause of divorce. The romantic feeling for a person, or limerence, is short-lived. Limerence on average lasts from a few months to few years. Divorce rate is near 50%. Divorce does more harm than good. Long-term compromising love > short-lived passionate love.


  • Your timezone is PST or Los Angeles Time.
  • You’re in the US.
  • BONUS: You’re in California. BONUS+: You’re in/near LA County. BONUS++: You’re in/near Norwalk.
  • BONUS: You’ve been an legal immigrant, have been in USA since child like me.
  • You’re male. You’re not a hopeless romantic. I have this discrimination because I haven ever had female friends or girl-friends, with exception of my Mom.
  • You don’t fap, and you’re not obsessed with the nofap community. That negativity really draws people in. It’s hard not to do something when you’re thinking of that action. e.g. try not to think of a polar bear - Ironic process theory
  • You don’t play much video games. You would rather focus on other stuff
  • You’re open to voice chat when possible
  • You’re open-minded, though not so open-minded that your brain falls out, e.g. ask good questions, good at listening,
  • You don’t try to give unwarranted advice.
  • You have time to chat, or you’re not way too busy with other stuff.

If this post resonates with you, then
We can chat on:
nosurf PM,
Discord, primarily for voice chat
Messenger @ Facebook. Note: I’m hesitant because Sean Parker, one of Facebook’s board members, explicitly said that Facebook is designed to be addictive. If you’re ok with it, and Facebook fails to draw you in, then we can use Facebook Messenger.


Hey, I think we have some similarities. if youre still looking for an accountability person send me a PM.


In the event that OP is no longer active, I’d be interested in being your accountability partner. I, too, am PST. Send me a direct message to further coordinate if you’re interested.