Russell Brand's book "Recovery" - the perfect fit for NoSurf?


Hey everyone,

a few months ago, I bought " Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions" by Russell Brand. Struggling with heroin for years himself and overcoming it with the 12 steps program, Russell seems to be a good fit to write a book about 12 steps programs. The book in itself is one, and due to it not being focussed on one addiction, I think it is great for anyone struggling with internet/technology addiction. Every chapter consists of Russell explaining the steps, followed by exercises, which vary from answering some question and doing soul-search, to taking action in the real world and sharing personal pain with someone else.

The book is written in a very spiritual way, but Russell let’s you choose your own higher power - whatever that may be. I think that maybe because of this it might not be a good fit for everyone, but if you’re desperate for change, then you can still give this book a try. It already helped me, but if you think it’s garbage, share your opinion, too.

I am at step 4 at the moment. Step 5 requires to “Admit to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs”, so I thought I might bring this book up here for people who already read it or who are interested. Maybe we can work through some stuff together.


Thanks for sharing this. I don’t think there’s much difference between internet addiction or any other form of addiction.

When you abstract away the differences they’re all just activation of the brain’s reward system and a corresponding release of neurotransmitters. Kind of like how a computer can’t tell the difference between if you are playing a video game or writing in microsoft Word. All it sees are 1’s and 0’s.