Personal Journal Here - For All To See


Day 1. Dec 4th 2019

Spent the past few weeks from 2pm to 2am on my phone browsing the internet. Legs are cramped and my knees hurt from sitting on my folded legs too much. Sometimes I get too lazy to brush my teeth and take care of myself. I don’t spend time with my siblings at all and I feel like the more time I spend on social media, the more I value other people’s lives over mine. I have so much too do but I felt so anxious about it I decided to escape to the internet instead. Discovered the r/nosurf subreddit today and took it as a sign to stop this bad habit now, while I have this community available to me.

Steps I’ve taken so far:

  • deleted all social media off of my phone
  • deleted photo editing apps (I tend to edit potential photos I want to post on Instagram when I’m bored)
  • made an account here, made a post, reached out to a potential accountability partner

Now, I will:

  • get up and eat dinner
  • do what my mom asked me to do for her today
  • enjoy the rest of my evening with activities that doesn’t require the internet: drawing and writing. Relish in the attention I’m giving myself. How aware I feel
  • set goals for myself to achieve tomorrow


Congrats on deleting the apps on your phone! That’s a great first step. If you relapse and reinstall them don’t feel too bad though it happens to everyone.

I would try to shoot for 2 weeks at least before going back, it seems that for most people 2 weeks is the “magic” number for realizing they don’t need social media anymore. For some it might be longer though.


Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately, I’ve been on and off social media over the past week - I just have nothing else to do on my phone and I just become curious about how other people’s lives are going! I downloaded some games on my phone, but not sure if that’s the best move away from social media. We’ll see though. One more week to go!!