Path of taking my destiny back


I am on a path currently of mapping my own desires, wants, perceived needs, etc… To truly understand where my actions come from, habits, and otherwise.

This became alarming, as I realized recently my desire for social connection rather than my goals was drastically spiking. I realized, that- my desire for certain things started spiking when the flow of information from social media spiked as well.

I believe our desires and wants, are much less a decision of our willpower, yet starting at the decision of the environment we put ourselves in and the information we consume. Which ultimately a product of our habits.

What are some of the ways you all log the amount of time spent on each site? I’d love to know exactly how much time I spend ‘surfing’ I feel it’s something as soon as I know, I’ll need to greatly reduce. Substituting social connection for social information is a mute point in the meaning of my life, and it’s gotta go- or at least be greatly reduced.


I use a few different tools. On windows and Mac there is one called RescueTime which works well. You get a weekly report breaking down your use.

On iPhone and Android there I recommend Moment and QualityTime respectively. The same functionality is now embedded at a system level but I believe for both platforms is currently in the beta phase.


Using RescueTime now. Being a part of this community has given me some ideas.