[Partnered up!] Teenagedreaming is looking for an accountability partner!


I know I made a post on here in the past. But that was really just a list of expectations and just expecting people to want to be my accountability partner. But this time it’s different.

But the reason why I’m looking for one is simple. I, like everyone else on this forum, am trying to find a balance between my real life and my online life. And now I find myself spending too much time online (which unfortunately includes this site as well, but that’s my fault) and barely any time on my real life. My hobbies, my body, all that stuff.

The reason why I’m saying this site? It’s because as of this post. This website is pretty much the only source of “nosurf” info I have. That might sound fine. But recently I’ve been in a huge rut. I find myself browsing the internet constantly on my iPad. Lacking motivation to write, play guitar, all that stuff.

I’m looking for an accountability partner to keep me accountable and in check. I promise to tell you the truth. All of my other friends are either too busy or I just lost contact with them, so it’s been way too easy for me to slip up, and way too common…

As you may know, I am 17 years old. So I would prefer someone from mid teens to early 20’s. But I guess just as long as you’re not a baby or really really really old. I don’t have a job, so that means I can be reached pretty much almost 24/7 on weekends, but on weekdays it’s around 4pm to 9pm-ish.

My main goals are:

  • Be more physically fit.
  • Be able to talk to girls…better.
  • Nofap.
  • Balance between real life and online life.
  • Get smarter and better grades.
  • Write a book.
  • Learn guitar.
  • Sing better.
  • Get a job.
  • Learn to drive.
  • Read more.
  • And of course, freeing myself from the screen.

…that’s a lot of goals.

Lastly, my methods of contact are somewhat flexible. I have a cell phone, so if you live in America we could use that to text. But if calling is your thing, I also have a Skype account and a Discord account. As of this post, I currently have a smartphone. So if need be, I can download both to my phone. But that might only be for a couple of months until I switch to a flip phone. I still have an iPad and a Computer.

Personally, I would prefer Skype. But I think if I am disciplined enough, I might be able to constantly resist the urge to browse on Youtube.

Of course, I can always install other apps if they are free. Like Whatsapp and stuff.

Welp, I that’s about it. I think I covered everything. Uhh, I guess I can’t wait to beat this screen addiction!


Hi Teenagedreaming!

I’m James, and I am 18. I’ll tell you more about myself later. I’ll be able to reply back to you via text with a flip phone. I hope that you and I can help each other with our goals and keep each other accountable. P.M. me and we can exchange numbers.