On my walk I saw


I thought it would be cool to create a thread where we can share interesting/funny/cool things we stumble across on our walks. I know @Anthymn walks her dog outside and @Nik goes on walks as well so I figure we might actually be able to fill the thread with some fun posts


Two baby raccoons who made the funniest noises ever and weren’t afraid of me at all.

I risked my life to take this pic for you guys (kept imagining the momma raccoon coming out of nowhere and jumping on my head) :rofl:


This is a cool idea. As of late I have been running more in ‘nature’. (I live in the Netherlands, where there is little real nature, if any.). But I do see plenty of interesting birds, least of which white swans.

Since I don’t bring a phone with me, I can’t make any pictures and the only memories I’ll bring home are those in the form of a feather. If I happen to stumble upon a nice fresh one.

Running back home with a feather in your hand, may look a bit silly, but I happen to care less and less what other people think of me.



I recently moved, and now we’re about 1 minute away from a forest with a river :slight_smile: I saw some ducks!


This majestic looking tree. I go on a short walk during my lunch break everyday because the office is too cold for my liking and I feel like I need to warm up again in order to focus properly.

The closer this tree’s leaves get to the sun, the whiter it’s leaves seem to get. It looks like a peaceful green to white gradient. I’ve never seen a tree like this in the area I live in. Canada’s natural landscape is pretty diverse I guess (even within a 15km distance).


Today I learned something about the Netherlands!

This is 10x cooler :+1:

Wow your creek looks a little similar to the one by home! I’ll take some pictures of ducks in the creek next time I see them!

At my last office one of my close co-workers used to bring in GIANT gloves because his hands got too cold and he needed them to continue programming. He perfected the art of typing with giant stubby finger gloves (I tried his gloves on and failed miserably). It was pretty impressive :rofl:

I can see the gradient! That tree is beautiful great photo :slightly_smiling_face:

On my most recent walk I saw a rainbow! Went right out after it finished raining and was rewarded with this treasure:


Rainbows never get old :rainbow:


I’ve been taking walks without my phone, which is really nice. At first I kept coming up with excuses about safety (what if I hurt myself? what if I found myself in an unsafe situation?) but I realized that my walking situation is very, very safe. I walk in the daylight, with our dog, in the safest neighborhood in the city, where there are plenty of other walkers and runners. This is not to say that other people shouldn’t walk with a phone, but that my excuses were unfounded.

So today I walked our dog to the Rose Garden and a French-style formal garden, which were both wonderful. We didn’t see anything in particular, but being out without a phone made me pay closer attention to each flower and beautiful view, because I knew I couldn’t take a photo to memorialize it. I smiled and said hi to everyone we walked by.


These two! The bird one is a screenshot of a video I made, since you can’t upload videos here. The second one was around 6am in the forest. I saw some baby frogs/toads? as well but didn’t take a picture. Also I saw a squirrel today.


I know it’s not necessarily what everyone wants to see, but I found a dead squirrel while I was walking just now. PM me for pictures because I’m not sure about posting it on a thread for the whole world to see.


@Anthymn Is that a Great Blue Heron? From what I remember, you live in Germany, and I’m not familiar with European birds. Either way, it’s beautiful. :heart_eyes:


Wow the lake looks really calm and peaceful, especially with the sunlit clouds reflecting in the water. You’re very lucky to have such a cool place near you! Do you usually like to go alone or do you ever bring friends/family?


That bird is SO cool :open_mouth: Is it common in the area? Where I live there aren’t many big birds, at least not in my local neighborhood, so if I came across something like this I would be freaking out (in the best way)


The Heron is a really common bird in the Netherlands. I am not exaggerating that I see around five when I go for a half-hour run in the fields close to my home. They live on frogs and small fish by hunting from the side of the river, standing still for long periods of time and strike when the moment is right. I must confess that I have seldom seen them make a move during a hunt in my lifetime. If I ever happen to have my phone on me, or even better, a proper camera, I could take a few pics and show you a bit more.

Last weekend I saw something for the first time in my life.

A sweet water lobster in the wild. I think it was grabbed by a bird, since it seemed to be missing one of its claws. Since I didn’t have any phone on me I shared a picture that came the closest to my experience.