No-nonsense partner wanted for depressed nosurfer


My age: 23, Female
Occupation: Mechanical Engineering student
Time Zone: USA Pacific

Preferred method of contact:

Some sort of privacy-protected voice call system. Text communication feels too much like texting and can lead to the dreaded multitasking. If that is not possible, then long emails or sending each other forms. Just anything that doesn’t need to be checked for notifications every 12 seconds.

Partner should have a similar view about depression and internet/technology problems:

We should agree that most of our problems are overwhelmingly environmental and fully (permanently) curable. I really don’t like the “I have a permanent brain disease and will be a depressed addict forever” mentality that is all too common.
We should also agree that our technology problems are related to larger life problems (which have concrete solutions).

Specific Accountability partner tasks:

  • Build actionable plans for alternative-to-tech activities together. Also prevent each other from the sweet irony of binge-researching low tech activities…on the internet.

  • Take important “Initial” steps (such as downloading and installing blocker software, etc) together, such that we do not succumb to the above “research” binges.

  • Hold ourselves to some sort of daily schedule/planning system. Goal is to leave no “free time”, which always turns to surfing.

  • Possibly figure out concrete, actionable solutions to our bigger life problems in order to reduce stress (which often leads to surfing).

  • find out ways to obtain actually needed information about behavior change/ habits/ addiction etc, without it becoming a rabbit hole. ( I’m guilty of obsessively reading productivity blogs and whatnot.)


Your view on technology usage and the accompanying downside to it closely resemble mine.

I’d like to give the accountability a partner a try, on the following condition:

I am situated in Europe, the Netherlands to be precise. Therefore, synchronous contact will be a bit more trickier than a-synchronous way of contact, like messaging. I fully agree that multitasking is a bad thing, so perhaps there are other solution to be found, as in recording voice messages.

A little about me, I’m a 25 year old student at pursuing a degree in Engineering as well and am close to graduation. I’d like to prepare myself as best as I can to the more responsible, adult life that is lying ahead of me and not let unwanted behavior ruin too much of the little time I have left on this planet.

I’m ashamed to admit that I have already been down that rabbit hole far too many times, so I think I soaked up enough knowledge to put it into action and have been fairly succesful at that the last few months.

If you have any interest in making the attempt, please let me know by a personal message and we’ll figure things out along the way.


I agree with some of this, other parts are very specific.
I love these parts of you description:

Because it closely resembles what I just wrote in my post about an accountability partner. When I’m at a bad place mentally, I’ll go online. I directly want to tackle this.

I don’t really spend time researching low tech activities or reading productivity blogs. I am just way too often on YouTube and Reddit. So on how we use the internet (unproductively) might differ.

Perhaps you can view through my accountability post and decide whether we can test this accountability partnership on a free trial? :slight_smile: