My NoSurf routine


Just thought I’d share my steps to avoid overuse of the internet. Pretty useful for those who know that they don’t have much use for a computer outside of habit.

On PC: Host file blocking via Notepad, quite possibly the best solution to getting rid of websites altogether. Best to use Blocksite (with passwords enabled) to double down. Cold Turkey Blocker can also be used (e.g. as I’m typing my Internet has been locked out of my PC since Monday). I have a list of bookmarks that I find useful. But they aren’t addictive in any way. Blocking all search engines has been of great benefit.

Phone: Very much like the PC idea, Cold Turkey and Blocksite are readily available. With the added benefit of using Applock on Blocksite, Applock has a password system. My idea was to create a ridiculously complicated password that I’ll never remember. Which I keep in a notebook at home. I’ve never felt drawn into my phone as often and switch on Cold Turkey Blocker while I do daily tasks. Once again bookmarks work wonders.

Another bit of advice for you is to block Google Play with Applock (and its password system) I haven’t felt the need to as I find many apps far too gimmicky.

My productivity has gone up by a large margin since I’ve stuck to the above system.

This is more of a personal preference rather than a tip but as far as the bookmarks go, I’ve taken it to the next level, where I bookmark local radio station websites. So I can see what types of shows are on. This distracts me from staring at the phone at night (Which has a neat timer function where it can be set to turn off and on at specific times) This tricks my brain into finding something else to do (e.g. listening to the radio/settling down to sleep)