My NoSurf Journey (with a last update)


So I realised I’m doing this wrong. I try to use my phone and my computer less but I don’t have a goal. And sometimes my use time goes really high and afterwards I’m disappointed because I used it for too much time but I don’t even have a goal, no specific goal. I’m not sure which goal to set. I’ll try and come up with some goal. ‘Using my phone and computer less’ is not a great goal because I can’t know for sure when I reached that goal because I don’t have a specific time value that separates ‘too much’ from ‘ok’. I hope I’m able to come up with a great goal. And try to stick to it. And I’ll stop trying to improve without a specific goal because it doesn’t work.


I think a good way to look at it is not to set a goal in terms of what you are not going to do (use the internet less), but instead what you are going to do more of.

For me this was going to run a marathon and by setting that goal, incorporate a weekly exercise routine that I still benefit from on a daily basis. Furthermore, I try to eat a more plant-based diet. Not to say that I will be a vegan and never eat meat or dairy anymore, just that I try to increase my uptake of fruits and veggies and therefore I can’t eat as much junk food if I prioritize healthy foods first.

With regards to past time activities, I try to read a lot more physical books and by doing so, I have a lot less time to surf the web.

If you’d like to discuss a few more ideas, feel free to send me as message!


So this week I started using Colibri as my main browser for it only has one tab and doesn’t allow me to multitask. The problem is RescueTime doesn’t work with Colibri and it logged Colibri instead of the websites I used, and it has Colibri as Very Productive as default, probably confusing Colibri with something else with the same name, so I haven’t got a precise summary of my week. I want to keep on using Colibri, because it’s simple and clean, but it won’t work with RescueTime. If anyone reading this uses Colibri and RescueTime, please tell me what can I do.


Well, it’s been a long time since I last updated my journal. I decided to come by to update it.
Since I last updated my journal, a lot happened. I probably won’t remember all that happened but here are a few things:

A week and a half of nothing to do around Christmas and New Year. Around this time I tried to be on my computer as little as I could, just coming by when needed. Final grades would start to come out at some point, which I had no idea when was going to be.

Grades came out, I didn’t do very well. The last tests were to come, so I was going to use my laptop to study. I was aware that my addiction wouldn’t allow me to focus on studying and would take me to the internet instead. I decided I was going to study a bit and then go to the internet, so I could do them at different times and manage to study and not just use the internet all day. It didn’t really work. I did study, but I would randomly go to the internet, so I didn’t study as much as I could and it wasn’t as good as it could. My time went mainly to YouTube.

I did and presented a project with my project group (2 people) and I hope it went good, although I’m not so sure about it. We did it last minute, with three or four days to deliver. I did half of it, my partner got help from someone and I didn’t see the project until the presentation day. It was different from what I made. Really different.

I cut my hand at night washing a cup to drink water (because there were no clean cups). Had to go to the hospital. Had one last test to do. Did it. My grades came out and most weren’t good, so I did another test Monday.

Now I have a project to deliver and present on Friday and I can’t seem to get the code working. It’s quite a long project and I don’t have much done, so my grade might be low. I actually had a problem with this project. Three or four days prior to the deliver date, I talked to my partner, who then told me it had done with someone else because I didn’t say anything. I didn’t do the project and later on talked to the teacher, who gave me more time to do it, which is until this Friday.

I started coming to NoSurf this month as I was using the internet way too much. I think I’m gonna have a hard time trying to get away from my bad habits regarding the internet once everything is over and I have nothing else to do. But I’m gonna do it. I’m not going to allow my internet addiction to take over and I won’t spend all day on the internet.

That’s all that happened durinng this time, as far as I remember. I hope to get good grades and that I aprove in some subjects.


I’m here for a last update on my journal. Not sure if anyone will see this but still. I’ll take the time to talk about how this forum helped me.

This forum has changed my life a lot in several ways. My life is as it is now because of this forum and it has helped me a lot, not only regarding internet addiction but in several other ways. I’ve been in this forum since the beginning, if I remember correctly

I remember some years ago, during vacations, when my parents were travelling and I was home for some days, that I would be on my computer almost all day. I’d start short after waking up, just playing some Minecraft and listening to some music and I’d sleep past midnight, as I was still playing Minecraft and listening to music. And on the last night, the day before my parents arrived, I don’t think I even slept. But thanks to NoSurf. and mainly this forum, that changed.

Now it’s 2019 and I don’t use screens 1 hour after waking up, I only check my laptop and phone at 18h, I don’t use any screens after 20h and I sleep at 22h. That’s all thanks to NoSurf and the community in general. I’m of course not perfect, like anyone else, but I think I evolved a lot. There’s still some more to go but this forum and the community really helped me.

I’d also like to thank the mods. Most of them aren’t here anynmore but I still thank them for having helped me. @Anthymn helped a lot with her posts and tips and ideas. @Nikhin helped with his knowledge and his posts on several topics such as music and his insights in the human mind. Also @stdin_stdout_stderr n_stdout_stderr, who also had some great help not only for me but for the community in general. I’m of course not mentioning all mods.

Also I’d like to thank the community in general. All those who posted anything on this forum, be it success stories, journals, posts with tips and recommendations.

I’ll really miss the forum because it helped me a lot and it still does, but it has to go. And sometimes we got to move forward. So that’s what I’ll do. I’ll keep on trying to find the best habits for me and eventually not have so much of a problem with the internet. Find a healthy relationship with the internet, where the technology is a tool for me and not me a fool for them.

Thanks for all. I hope the best of luck to all of you.