Moving my computer back to my room to practice music more. Is this a good idea?


Title says all. Pretty much I’m thinking about moving my computer back to my room so I can play more rocksmith. It’s like guitar hero but instead you plug a real guitar into your computer and play that.

But I might also end up browsing a lot more. Would the switch be worth it?

Bit of a ramble but hopefully you get the idea.


It’s all about what cues you are able to associate with it. As long as you see your computer standing there and your brain jumps at the idea of using it to surf the web at first glance it will be an additional temptation and therefore a bad idea. But if you can shape your associations so that you see it as a tool to practice guitar and nothing else it could be of value.


I agree with this.

The visual cue will activate your brain’s reward system causing the release of dopamine. You’ll find it much more difficult to resist urges to browse while your computer is in your room.

Your brain will try to rationalize it as “I want to play the guitar” but really it’s just your primitive brain trying to get back it’s source of easy neurotransmitters.


Little update, I decided not to move my computer to my room, honestly out of laziness.