Looking for special blocking software function


I’m looking for software that has the function of blocking new tabs in Chrome, to keep me focused on the ones I already have open and not allow me to keep opening new ones.

another idea would be some software that adds all the domains of the tabs I have open to a whitelist and blocks the rest, to keep focused on the research I’m doing and not create new excuses to continue searching for more information on Google.

Do you know any function of that type in some software?



For that kind of browsing I installed a secondary browser, which is Colibri by OPQR.
It does not support tabs at all. Multiple windows however are supported.
The point is, it is easy to stay with only one window. Every time a link would open in a new window, you are prompted to choose where to open it. Just choose open it in the active window.

By the way, it is a good idea to install a secondary browser anyhow. Keep the secondary browser clean! Don’t import bookmarks, install any extension or tingle with the settings.


I don’t know about blocking new tabs in Chrome but Colibri is a browser with no tabs, just one window. Exactly as @dan-brew mentioned seconds before me


You can use an extension called “xTab” for this on Google Chrome.