Looking for good no internet plan?


What do you do when you are trying to completely avoid using the internet?

So far for me I refuse to go online at work. I only check my emails 3 times a day for important notices. I turn my phone off at work.

But after work I find myself wanting to surf the net. What helps you avoid the net throughout the day?


I’m not perfect nor do I even believe perfection is possible but in general I’ve found the following things to help me out:

  • Stay away from common surf areas. Instead of making my goal “No Surfing!”, I make my goal “No sitting on that really comfy couch that I find hard to leave when I start surfing.”. It really works.
  • There’s also this helpful tip I found on r/digitalminimalism
  • Staying out of the house generally helps. I don’t know why but when I use my computer in public space I’m much more likely to stay on track.
  • You’re most likely trying to run away from something when you are surfing. Ask yourself: “What are I trying to run away from?” Just let it be and exist in it instead of trying to turn it into something else. Practicing meditation can kind of help with this too.
  • Find hobbies to occupy your time that don’t involve screens at all. Don’t bother with it being something productive or serious. The goal is simply to learn to enjoy your time without screens. You can worry about being serious and productive later. Don’t settle for anything less than awesome.


Try to find activities outside of the home. If you’ve browsed a lot at home your brain will start to associate that environment with the rewards of the internet meaning that just being at home will cause your brain to release dopamine just like how Pavlov’s dogs started to salivate at the sound of a bell.

Sign up for things on meetup.com or find a hobby like rock climbing or BJJ that can take up a few hours after work.