Looking for an accountability partner (no surf and mental health)


I’m leaving some bits about myself here to find a partner possibly in a similar situation to myself as I think this would be most helpful. :slight_smile:

Age: 19
Occupation: First year student in language, literature and politics
Hobbys: Writing, reading, learning, photography
My goals: Getting rid of my social media addiction (the urge to check reddit every hour of the day), create more free time for my hobbys, learn to deal with negative emotions in another way than seeking out quick fun on the internet.

Why am I looking for an accountability partner?: I did not succeed in doing this alone, no one holds me accountable for being on the internet so long. I also think that talking to another person gets you to into this reflective state of mind you’d ideally want to be in.

How could we go about this?: I’d love evening check-ups and reflections of the day in the format of full e-mails/letters, instead of quick one-sentence chat messages. These can but do not have to be daily.

What has this got to do with mental health?: I’ve found that my mental wellbeing very directly causes my surfing habits.The internet mostly has become some sort of remedy for whenever I’m feeling any negative feeling. Many reflections on my surf habits would therefore be incomplete without mentioning how I’ve felt and perhaps how I’ve dealt with it instead of going online.

I’ve just got to pick myself in two ways. Deal with my surfing habits and deal with where I am mentally, right now. I’d absolutely be open to giving support, just in case someone has clicked on this post after they’ve seen “mental health” in the title.

My only real requirement is that you might be similar to me in some way or another and, most importantly, that you would choose me as your accountability partner.

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High school student looking for an accountability partner

Hi Sasika! I love how you’re starting the new year by taking control of your life and finding a partner to help guide you. I would be willing to help you out, since many of my goals are similar to yours!

Here’s a little bit about me:

I’m 19 year old sophomore in college studying political science and creative writing. I love to write short pieces/memoirs/poems, learning about Spanish and philosophy, thrift shopping, cooking, and more. I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish this year, and I believe my internet addiction will be one of the biggest challenges to tackle. Since I am also about to turn 20 years old, I want to actually live life more authentically. And by that I mean more intentionally and not behind a screen. I need to be more aware of the days that are making up my life.

If you’re interested, message me back! I like your idea of holding each other accountable through emails too. :grin: