Looking far a partner


Hello everyone,

I want to reduce and get control of my mindless internet use. I’ve been struggling for a while and in my experience, when I stop writing or reflecting back on my progress I go back to my old bad habits and lose awareness. On some weeks, my internet browsing has been really healthy and I’ve felt the benefits, so I know that the fight is quite worth it. I am looking for a partner with whom we can share our progress at least once a day. Even just a short PM once a day would make quite a difference.

Your age range: I am 24, 16-30+
Your Occupation: College student
Your Long-term goals: Reduce my recreational internet time to 1-2 hours/day
Why you want an accountability partner: For support, reflection, advice.
Preferred method of contact: Forum PM would be ideal or discord, but I am open to any other form. Just let me know.


Hey, I’m a 16 year old high school student. I actually posted a partner request here so maybe we can be partners.


Hi, yes that would be great, lets do it. I live in London, UK, so we are in different time zones. But I think that won’t be a problem, right?


That won’t be much of an issue, though we may not be able to talk face to face that much. Perhaps writing long letters with email or something most of the time, how’s that?


Sorry for the slow reply man, I was busy in school. Yeah, I prefer writing via personal messages here than actual voice chat to be honest.


PM me your email.