Lol Addiction So Funny


Hey guys I’m tewns and I’m an addict.

Sure it’s a cliche, but I don’t think that I had fully admitted this until coming here. I was going to make my profile banner a joke, but then I noticed that I was making light of something that is a serious problem in my life. I have spent whole summers, winters, and years on the computer. Reddit, video games, manga, porn, tv shows, anything to get that dopamine rush. So, when I realized that I was avoiding a major problem through humor I sobered right up.

It’s serious here. There isn’t much to laugh about when you’re wasting your life away.

To change the subject, I’m a mid 20s scientist living in Boston with a long term girlfriend. I’ve been getting into board games and DnD recently and will be applying to grad school next year.

I’ve been on the path of NoSurf for a couple of years. I have significantly reduced my internet usage by blocking the internet entirely on my phone using AppLock and using Qustudio on the computer. My girlfriend holds the passwords to both of these.

However, I still have more battles to fight. Lately, instead of taking a real break at work, I’ve been using the unprotected internet to surf Reddit and news websites. This ends up making me more fatigued instead of being the break that I’m looking for. So, I’ll be thinking about how to avoid doing this without a blocker (there’s no way I’d put child protection software on a work computer).

I’m excited to meet you guys, struggle with you, and hopefully benefit from the experience.


Hi tewns, welcome.

I’m curious, is there a specific reason you can’t put a basic productivity blocker (like ColdTurkey, HeyFocus or others) on a work computer? These programs are focused on work productivity and don’t necessarily carry the same reputation as child protection software, so I can’t imagine an employer having any problem with them. However I’m not familiar with your work environment, so I understand if they won’t work for you.


I agree with @zeldajones, if you tell your employer that you are trying to increase focus at work I doubt they will be unhappy to hear about it! Someone with no knowledge of Cold Turkey will not assume it is a child protection software as it is not marketed in this way.
Also, you don’t need to beat yourself up over using dark humor. It’s one of the best coping methods. Getting too serious about it just increases guilt and rumination, which will actually hinder your progress. It’s better to think of yourself as helping a close friend get back on his feet.