Lisa's Cold Turkey progress as she beats the internet


The internet was a place for me to escape. Now as an adult there is too much negativity on it now. It is taking up too much of my time and not giving me anything positive in return. I have constant headaches, my mind is always racing, I am always critiquing myself, I have brain fog, and I can never focus. I know that I can achieve soooo much more if I kick this internet habit.Thankfully the internet has not ruined my life, but it is certainly making me sink into a black hole of destruction. :worried:

I am going to check in every 5 days to write down my progress. :hugs:

Here is a list of things I hope to accomplish when kicking this internet addiction

  • Perfecting my makeup :lipstick:
  • Working out more often
  • Building a more positive social life
  • Meditating more
  • Eating more healthy
  • Being able to concentrate and complete work
  • Self love for my body, mind, and spirit

I plan to only use the internet for classes - that’s it. When I come back 5 days from now I will write about what plan I used and my experiences :grinning:


Ok, so I tried and failed. I immediately got sucked into the internet and could not wait to contribute to a message board. I decided not to beat myself up, but start all over again from scratch. According to an app that I use it states that I use my phone at least 6 hours a day. Here are some things I will try and implement change.

  • If I have to search something up I will just wait until I get home to use my laptop. (This works for me, because I prefer using my phone and my laptop does not feel as easily mobile as my phone)

  • My phone will only be used for texting, taking pictures, and making calls - nothing else.

  • I will try to meditate for at least 10 minutes every morning and every night. I will journal in my journal everyday about my feelings towards this no internet journey.

I will do these things from today until Sunday and see what happens.


I think in addition to using the internet less, meditation and journaling can help as well.
So as to say that the nosurf is not a cure for everything. This one sounds like a meditate-journal-be mindful kind of thing. :slight_smile: Maybe even try the KonMari method?

Try not to be so harsh on yourself for not succeeding in the first try. It’s difficult, especially the beginning. We wouldn’t need a community if it were so easy, going cold turkey once and never going back. Buckle up for a long process of ups and downs.