Lind's Introduction


Hello. My username is Lind, from Indonesia. Right now I’m NEET, in which I hope to change in the near future. I have problem with stories. I love to immerse myself in a book or RPG games since childhood, which leads to excessive use of internet to read stories like in, spacebattles/sufficientvelocity, et cetera. What I want to improve about my internet use is to let go of this side of myself. I wish to stop reading stories for the sake of escapism. I want to ground myself more in reality than in an imaginary fantasy world. That’s why, I want for my use of internet to be a tool of learning instead of tool for escaping. My goals for the next year are:

  1. Making a life beyond the digital world
  2. Communicate. Learn how to communicate. Learn how to connect with others. Don’t avoid the interaction with others. Reduce the communication through device.
  3. Fill my time with offline activities, that need little to none internet connection.

Nice to meet you.


A warm welcome to NoSurf, Lind!


Hey, nice to meet you, too :grin: Looking forward to your contributions on the forum!


Hey Lind! Thanks for sharing that with us. I’m glad you have realized all that and have taken the first step! :slight_smile: