Life after the internet


Productivity at home is gradually increasing. Currently restoring my bedroom to a state that isn’t that of a cluttered mind.

Generally enjoying the silence at home, I’ve forgotten how I used to live in a pre-internet world like that in the 1980’s and 1990’s, my 5 years of my internet addiction had previously filled my mind with racing thoughts and constant noise.

My Facebook account is no more as of yesterday, which I can definitely say is a weight off my shoulders,. I just have Messenger now, which I rarely use as it is

Yes, I still go on Youtube, but I am very, very choosy about what I watch at the best of times.

If I was to miss anything about the internet at all it would be to voice my opinion on specific subjects across various forums, It was nice for a while to hear other people’s thoughts on what I had to say about my favourite subjects. But I’m much more of a private person now.


I recommend using DF youtube if you’re not already:

I’ve also found that watching YouTube on my Roku is much less addictive that watching on my PC/smartphone.