Joining the club!


Hi everyone! I found out about NoSurf via Reddit; once I learned more about this group and what it does, I realized it was time to cut down on my surfing habits.

This is kind of hard for me because I work at home as a writer. However, I realize that not all of my time is spent in the best way possible, and there are steps I can take to end my internet addiction. I tried for a few days just avoiding the usual suspect sites, but I found that wasn’t working. I thought maybe if I got serious and came here to journal and talk, it might help.

With that said, my goal is not to get offline completely (since I work and study online). Rather, I want to put an end to mindless browsing. It’s okay to go online and find a quick piece of info I was looking for, or spend 10 minutes to search for a rainy day activity for my daughter to do; it’s not okay to browse Pinterest for three hours at a crack. It’s okay to play my favorite game on my smartphone for 45 minutes a night. It’s not okay to spend an hour on Youtube mindlessly clicking on videos I didn’t come online to watch in the first place.

I hope that makes sense.

I’m happy to be here and looking forward to connecting with all of you!


Hey Rebecca welcome to the forums. I write somewhat casually now and I know how hard it is to stay clear of the distractions that are available right at your fingertips. Sometimes I wish typewriters still existed. But perhaps it’s all relative and writers back then thought the world was just as distracting. I remember reading a bit about a writer (Hawthorne?) complaining that the town’s were too hectic and busy so they needed solitude in the forest to write. And that was in the 1800’s.

I think we’re forced to adapt and make do with the current situation. For me I’ve found that writing offline, enforced by Cold Turkey, helps a lot with staying focused. I’ve also experimented with a separate computer just for writing and another for browsing because Paul Graham (founder of YCombinater) recommended it. I did it with a $35 dollar raspberry pi so it might be something you can look into.