Internet and Tech Addicts Anon. now meets by phone 8xweek


The online meetings of Internet and Technology Addicts Anonymous have switched over to using a teleconference service that allows people to call using telephone (with conference numbers local to 60 countries) or else by logging into the website/app of the conference call provider.

They also have expanded to doing 8 meetings a week instead of the previous 4 meetings.
(if you read this more than a month from now, please check the website to see which meetings are still running or if we’ve changed times.)


Oh, I suppose I should include the actual meeting times and calling instructions.
Monday: 8pm
Tuesday: 8:30am, 8pm
Wednesday: 7:30pm
Thursday: 8pm
Friday: 8pm
Saturday: 1pm
Sunday: 1pm

To join from the US and Canada, please dial (605) 472-5322 and enter access code 624357.
For conference call bridge numbers in countries other than the US, see the list of international numbers at


Are these times in EST, CDT, or PDT?


Just want to say that I tried this out just for fun the other day and I actually had a really positive experience there. I encourage everyone to try it out at least once. Since I’m in Canada, I had to do a wifi call using the Free Conference Call app (available on mobile and desktop). I could hear everyone clearly and the call was moderated really well. Good job guys @curlyhairedgirl!