Internet Addiction:It will destroy my life if i did not overcome it


In the beginning, Internet was the most amazing that I have found. I found so much useful information that really helped me in achieving different goals. But soon I got addicted to it and it was a downfall from here on.I started browsing tons of blogs but was unable to read the whole blog entries as I would move towards surfing the next thing. This addiction has resulted in wastage of tons of my precious time which would have been utilized in an efficient manner and I might be in a different place right now.I also started watching porn.I have bought so many good books but unable to read any of them as this addiction has fried my attention span and reading feels really boring.My studies have been effected vastly due to which I am staying stuck in the same job.I have decided to overcome this addiction now and will do everything to overcome it. Today I will be reading a book called “Bored and Brilliant “ which is about the internet and smartphone addiction.


My goals are :-To apply for new jobs and Prepare hard for it.
2.Read the books that i have bought.
3.Study for FRM Exam.


So started reading the bored and brilliant book but with in 5 minutes i fall asleep.I have hardly completed any books in the past 2 years and missing out on good readings.So i was searching for some book on internet but the addiction droves me in and spent 2 hours surfing mindlessly.felt highly stressed out after that.


I recommend checking out @anthymn last journal entry on how she uses cold turkey. (I use it too). It can be really helpful when starting out to form kind of a wedge between you and your bad habits. It can help free up a lot of time so that you can start reading more.


woke up in the morning and was really stressed about my internet addiction.I was feeling hopeless that how i would be able to overcome it.Had a thought that in order to prevent relapse i would need to fill my EMPTY TIME with good hobbies. I am gonna take some advice from these two posts: and .Will include meditation in the schedule.Went to the gym and had breakfast of egg white.Left for the office and had great time there.Planning on getting some nice food cooked by the maid and read some book.


after waking up in the morning,Instead of using smartphone ,i read 1 page of the book and put the smartphone in the drawer.Went to the gym and after coming from there,i did not use it.Gonna implement this habit :Not gonna use internet just after waking up.Went to the office and after coming from office,writing this journal.I want to include two habits in my lifestyle:- 1.MEDITATION 2.Keeping my room clean.


After writing the above post in journal,Went to a hindu temple.went to the park for walking.It was an amazing experience as cool wind was blowing and i did not checked my smartphone and enjoyed the whole moment.Talked with my parents on whats-app.


It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Keep up the great work!


I was successful in not using my smartphone just after waking up in the morning.Read introduction of the book:slight edge.went to the gym,shower and then went to the office.After coming from office,i checked my smartphone for 5 minutes and then my cook rang the door bell.I got busy with some stuff and kept my cellphone aside .Bell saved me.


Pushed myself for a walk last night and went to the park without smartphone.I was seeing most of the people were on their smartphones watching you tube,listening music etc.I really enjoyed walking there.Woke up in the morning and read the few pages of the book slight edge and again fall asleep.Got late for the gym so had to skip it.Tho i broke rule of not using smartphone or laptop in morning by writing in this journal,i really feel like writing in this journal today as it gives me feeling that i am crushing my addiction.


After office,went to a school for disabled children and distributed candies,juices and fruits.Slipped today a bit as after coming from office used Whatsapp for like half an hour.Took shower and right now playing spiritual music on smartphone while my cook is preparing dinner for me.


Past 2 days have been terrible for me.Missed the gym and used internet compulsively,slept for few hours which made my mind go crazy.I used twitter and watched downloaded videos whole day.I did not even go out for walking. In a downward spiral right now.Feeling depressed.


Hey there Bat_man92. It’s going to be okay. There are always ups and downs to breaking bad habits. Sometimes we’re on our A-game. Other times we act just as we were before we even decided to make a change. Since changing our habits can be such a rollercoaster ride between success and failure, I think it’s best try not to attach our self worth to how “good” or “bad” we are performing. We are good and valuable people even if we fail after giving our best shot. I think that what matters most is that we have better intentions now. We’re actually taking action towards becoming the people we want to be one day. Change will come in time :slight_smile:


Since changing our habits can be such a rollercoaster ride between success and failure, I think it’s best try not to attach our self worth to how “good” or “bad” we are performing. We are good and valuable people even if we fail after giving our best shot…thanks for these words.


Had a nice and deep sleep last night.Woke up and went to the gym.Felt amazing after gym.Drank protein shake , had 6 egg whites in breakfast and left for the office.I just returned from the office and playing some instrumental music while writing this journal.


Had a nice evening.Cleaned my house,attended the meeting ,ate home cooked dinner ,drank sweet lime juice then went for a 5 minute walk in the park.Feeling happy and grateful.


Went to gym in the morning and did workout for 10 minutes as my trainer was absent today so after that i walked out of the gym and went to park and walked there for 5 minutes.Need to push myself more in this area i.e. walk more and workout hard on my own even if the trainer is not there.Took shower,brushed my teeth and went to office.Came back from work and attended recovery meeting .Ate some food outside which i am not proud of and feeling bit guilty about that.I forgot i also did gratitude journal in the morning before going to gym.


have not gone to gym from past 5 days.Been binge watching bbc earth videos on youtube.randomly surfing twitter too once in a while.Not on the Nosurf track right now.


feeling depressed and sad.Also unable to control this addiction.


Hello everypne. Back on this journal after long time.Final result is i have not overcome this internet addiction yet.