In search of lost time


Hello everyone. First time poster, long time lurker. This time I am determined to do something different.

I am Chris (AKA cheapthrills). I’m 41, I live with my partner in England. I lie to her about how much I use the Internet. I hate being a liar. And I worry that if I don’t change, I will not be able to provide for us.

I’ve been using the internet since 1995. It was fun and exciting, but seems to have become something that took over my life. The last 12 years have been the worst. When I got my first smartphone, I suddenly had a device I could use to spend all day online. I found myself using the Internet in the middle of the night. I got rid of the phone, but I’m still spending hours on Facebook and Reddit. I hate that. My time is one of the most valuable things I have, and I am giving it to multi-million dollar companies for free in exchange for distraction.

I’m hoping that by joining this community and getting involved in real-life stuff a bit more, I will learn to stay on top of this a bit more.


Welcome Chris! I too hope that we can help you to turn the corner on your bad habits.

Have you done investigation into why you prefer to surf the web to experiencing real life? I find it to be very important to know what your triggers are and how to handle them.


Hey Chris welcome to the community. I’d recommend looking into a system that prevents you from using the computer at night. As long as the choice is there you’ll find it difficult to abstain especially when experiencing stress.

If you’re using a desktop perhaps you can lock up your power cable in the ksafe at night.