In addition to grayscale


Hi everyone, just a quick tip that I wanted to share:

A lot of people have already switched their phones to grayscale, I have decided to also disable TouchID on my phone so that I have to enter my password whenever I want to use it. This works to create another barrier between me and mindlessly checking my phone.


This is a great idea! I’m going to remove my thumbprint on my Android phone. Thanks!


I never really enabled it in the first place, but I can see what your goal is here. Might I also add to put in a passcode with 6 letters or longer? It helps you decide if you really wanna use your phone.


Did you also experiment with making a longer password that is more of a hassle to type in?

I like the idea, but I am also quite happy with the extra security the thumbprint provides. So I am not sure yet what to do.


Oh it’s for security alright. I know it sounds like a conspiracy, but the real reason why thumbprints exist is so the government can have your fingerprints without you committing a crime.


Meanwhile in other countries, biometric ID and biometric passports are normal, no conspiracy access to fingerprints needed through smartphones :rofl:


Yes, I think it’s time to take of the tinfoil hat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m pretty sure corperations make their products addicting to keep the population docile.


They make their products addicting, because they want you to keep using it, so they will keep on existing in the future. I doubt they care about the population at large, since that is something no one organization has control over.

My suggestion would be to look at this from a bit smaller scale and not care as much at the world at large. First, because you have little influence on the latter and secondly, I think that caring about the community around you is a much more meaningful way to live.
Of course I might be wrong and everybody has a different view on what brings meaning to their life. I just say this, because I used to think more like you and noticed it always brought me in a negative, unconstructive spiral.


what is interesting is that, at least in some jurisdictions, police can make you to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, but don’t have the right to compel you to provide your passcode. This is US-centric, and I’m not a US citizen so correct me if my understanding of the situation is wrong.