I am roy I hang myself from this drug,let's start!


let us begin
in the telefon Only:

•messenger facebook
•Watshap (0 Groups )
•Gmail (Unsubscribe all advertising)
•No chrome
•For the ligth used Twiligth

In The Pc

•chrome(No porno)If I use my imagination I use images, not images, not internet.
I use chrome with just one window, and look for something specific that mainly makes my work work and learn.
•mesenger Facebook(delete all the info from my profile just leave a photo)
•youtube(delete sidebar suggestions)

I spend my time in:

to meditate
reed a book
I review my daily goals
play a instrument( guitar)
I’m going to the gym
practical chi kung or yoga
I go to cooking courses
i’m staying with friends

restrict the vices of my life to the minimum expression (sex its not a vice its a pleasure :wink: )
•no durgs
•no smoke
•no alcohol
•no cafe
•no eat dead animals
•I try to work to the maximum my amount of sugar daily

the idea is to carry out two weeks, if the project gives good results, we will delete the smarthpohe, by a phone with calls and sms only. and we will continue with the plan, on the 30th I will write again.