How To Make A Request For An Accountability Partner [Read This Before Posting!]


Original thread by /u/JustGrays

Hello everyone,

Believe it or not, we have a community here at nosurf. It’s a small community and the vast majority of our members read without commenting and posting. Some of our members post beautiful and personal philosophies and uplifting message once, only to head right back to lurking. In my personal experience, when I am trying to resist the urge to surf or game I automatically type in nosurf and read new posts, I know others are out there. Our subreddit is dedicated to such a controversial and physically/mentally/emotionally charged issue, and I know this is obvious, but many people come here seeking some sort of truth or at very least a community that is searching for truth.

I am introducing this idea to the sub as an attempt to further build that community of users who are trying to find a way out. However, do not be disillusioned: everyone here is human and humans are extremely vulnerable to switch between 100% dedication and 100% indulgence. And, In my personal experience, when I indulge I try to hide it from the rest of the world. Do not seek an accountability partner in this thread unless you are willing to make a real commitment to tell your partner the truth.

So we can all get some basic info from each other, I suggest following a format similar to this…

  • Your age range:
  • Your Occupation:
  • Your Long-term goals:
  • Why you want an accountability partner:
  • Preferred method of contact:

I suggest moving to PMs as soon as you find someone in your age range/occupation.

Please use the aforementioned format when making an accountability partner request. When you have found a partner, please edit your thread title and add [Partner Found] to the title.