High school student looking for an accountability partner


My (preferred) age range: 15-35
My Occupation: Student
My Long-term goals: Just disconnect and enjoy what real life has to offer. I spent so many of my younger years staring at a screen that I missed out on what was out there.
Why I want an accountability partner: I wanna chat with more like-minded people, everywhere I look I see internet addicts and although it may not tempt me to use social media myself, it depresses me that there are so many of those people yet so little nosurfers.
What I do to replace surfing: Music, writing, going outside, socializing, and reading.
Where I live: United States, Central time zone.
Preferred method of contact: Texting, Skype, Discord, Email. In that order.


I’d be ready to be your accountability partner, if you feel like we would match :slight_smile: I have also a post out there which captures my situation: Looking for an accountability partner (no surf and mental health). It’s up to you!