Hi, I'm mabelgkim


I am mabelgkim (real name/age left anonymous). You might know me from the nosurf reddit, but I finally decided to join here! I am still in school, so it is too early to be here/doing nosurf? I, like most of you, am trying to cut internet use to be more productive. However, I struggle on Discord, Youtube, and somewhat Reddit. Discord is my real struggle. When I leave, I always think I “miss out” on something. HQ Trivia is why I returned. I am in 6 Discords, three are active. In one of the servers, there was a giveaway to beta test software and I missed out on the opportunity. I have cut down my friend list to 4 people. On YouTube, things are looking up. I cut down my 200 subscriber list to just 25 and installed DF Tube. Reddit is different. I always comment and come back 10 minutes later to see if someone replied. I apologize if this is too long for an intro post, but I will post more about this later.



Welcome Mabel! You’re not too early btw, the earlier you start the better it is :slight_smile:

Great job on cutting down your use so far. You can keep going in small steps if they’re working for you. I also think you might benefit from a short period of going completely without any of those distractions I know it seems hard to entertain right now but just know that everything will be waiting for you when you get back. Think about trying it for a week or so and then see how you feel! I guarantee it’ll give you motivation to keep going further.


Thanks for the welcome! I have been working on my next step: Conquer Discord. I just deleted Discord and YouTube from my phone. But the next part is a huge maze for me, taking a break means for me leaving behind a sense of community. I haven’t really used social media yet, been considering it.


Hey! Welcome to the forum :v:

I agree with what @Nik said. Try to completetly stop using Discord, YouTube, etc. for a while and see how it goes! If you succeed and manage to stay away for a few days: great! Looks like you have monk-like self-discipline.
If you don‘t manage to completely stay away from these things, don‘t worry! The beginning is difficult for everybody.
One important thing you should do however, when you give in to your urge to check YouTube, for example, is to concentrate on your thoughts at that very moment. How are you feelng? What made you want to check YouTube? Figuring out what these „triggers“ are for you is crucial, because then you can attempt to directly fix these problems. Do you want to go on Discord when you‘re feeling lonely? Join a sports club or go to a social event! Do you check YouTube because you‘re bored? Start a hobby!
As with all addictions, there are underlying, personal probelms that we try to solve with our behaviour. By fixing these problems, you‘re making this journey so much easier!


Thanks for the welcome! The thing is with Discord, my server is an HQ Trivia Help chat. We share answers to help others win the game. So the cold turkey thing might not work for me, but I could modify it for specific times I could use the apps. I go on the internet to relive boredom. I am on vacation now, but flying home today. Might start today