Hi I need an accountability partner


Age range: 18-24, F

Occupation: College student studying bio looking to be a doctor one day!

Long term goals: I’d like to completely get off social media for my next two years of school. I’m really focused on my grades right now so I can get into a great med school. I also want to engage in ways of entertainment that are a bit more positive. I want to spend more time doing yoga rather than watching NetFlix like a potato. I also have so many books to get through that lay untouched because of my smartphone habits. I’d really like to start reading at least a book a week (long term goal).

Why I want an accountability partner: I found that I get “FOMO” really bad and I think knowing that someone’s in this with me will really help me motivate me and feel less lonely.

Preferred method of contact: We can message through here or trade emails. I’m also open to texting each other if we’re both comfortable with that.


Hey, have you found your partner?


Not yet! You can message me :slight_smile:


I know this is kinda off topic, but what does FOMO mean?


It means “fear of missing out” like you’re afraid of being left out of all the fun that’s happening in the world because you don’t use social media.


Thanks, I never had FOMO though.