Hi Everyone!


Hey guys bronzebubble here! I learned about NoSurf a few months ago when I spoke to my boyfriend about my Youtube, Netflix, and more subtle instagram addiction. I didn’t realize I had a problem until I felt myself staying up to insane hours in the night (or should I say morning) and being extremely exhausted for my early classes. I found that Youtube became my favorite thing… I would be interested in a new hobby, search about it on Youtube, and watched videos endlessly. I made excuses, like “at least I’m learning new things.” But I didn’t stop to think “at what cost?” Netflix, we allllll know is addicting haha. And that gooood ol’ instagram explore page trap… they make sure you’re constantly craving more and more stimuli. When I’m on these social medias, I mistakenly consider it “relaxing”… like “i need time to relax” “i need time for myself” which meant that I just need to lay in bed and be on my phone for a few hours… YIKES. I’m so grateful to know that being on YT, Netflix, IG, is NOT RELAXING. Yoga, meditation, music, dancing, engaging in meaningful conversations… is relaxing.

What I want to achieve through NoSurf: a more energetic existence. I want to wake up knowing I can conquer the day, instead of waking up with the mindset that the day has already won. With that energy, I want to do more of what I love, and focus on becoming a successful physical therapist soon. I want control back, and NoSurf is just one step.

Good luck to you all! :slight_smile: