Hey there! New user after messing up yesterday


Hey guys, nice to meet you!

This first post was supposed to be a success story. In July I gave up the internet in order to pursue a better life. And it worked! Well, it worked for a while. But the internet slowly crawled back into my life, and suddenly the time tracker app on my phone looks like this again:

A screenshot yesterday’s results.

That doesn’t look like a happy, digital-free life!

Quick backstory
I’m a 21-year-old male from Germany, currently in college and am working as a freelancer on the side to pay for my rent. I’m going to spare you the sob story on how I ended up here though. Just know that I’m living a healthy mix of loneliness, depression and a sprinkle of (social) anxiety - and I’m using youtube, reddit and podcasts to stimulate friends or simply to ignore my feelings. Fun times.

Good thing is…
I’m normally able to handle my depression by a super strict combination of eating right, working out, getting good sleep and keeping myself productive. I fight my anxiety with a disciplined approach to improving the very things that make me afraid. If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have said I’ve got my progress pretty much under control - but it looks like I needed a reminder to ruthlessly focus on not surfing. Even (or especially) if it’s getting easier. That’s why I’m here - to add another layer of accountability. And to meet similar people going through the same stuff!

Rules for "Safe Surfing"
Since this is an online community, I need some rules:

  • Every time I visit the forum, I have to post a thought-out post.
  • Every time I read a new thread, I have to write a helpful answer.
  • Write the posts in a word document beforehand.
  • Don’t surf on mobile.

Well, I’m not sure how detailed these introductions are supposed to be, so I’ll cut it off before I write too much. Feel free to ask anything! I’m looking forward to sharing what worked for me so far and getting to know you all.

► Dino

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Hey dino welcome to the forum. Relapses will happen from time to time. Other times relapses can creep slowly without us even noticing it’s happening.

In the words of Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter we need “Constant Vigilance!” to protect ourselves from addictive powers of the internet.

It’s good that you caught yourself as it was happening. As you go forward relapses like this will happen less frequently as your awareness of your habits builds and grows stronger.


Hey @Nik, thanks for the welcome post :slight_smile:

So true! Somehow I was just cautious of sudden relapses but didn’t even think about slow relapses. I’ll archive this experience as a lesson learned and move forward with a little more awareness.