Hey everyone


Hey guys I’m stdin_stdout_stderr. I’m in my early 20’s and got addicted to the internet after becoming depressed over a rough breakup. Over two years ago I found NoSurf back when it was in its infancy and stumbled across the amazing book many of you know today called “The Shallows: How the Internet is Changing our Brains” by Nicholas Carr. The NoSurf subreddit and Carr’s book changed my life and not only helped me overcome my depression and internet addiction, but have contributed immeasurably to the happiness and fulfillment I now feel on a regular basis.

After seeing the remarkable effects of replacing mindless browsing with purpose driven internet use first hand, my dream is to be able to share NoSurf with as many people as I can, refine and expand the movement, and help change the lives of the people who need NoSurf most.

In my free time I like to write, practice yoga, make videos, and read books. Always down to chat about all of these hobbies, especially good books!