Hello NoSurf


I’ve had a problem with obsessive and excessive web browsing for years now. I have tried to quit and cut down many times in the past but find it very difficult. Life never seems as good as the online world, and it kind of makes me go a little bit crazy when I quit. I feel lost without the ability to constantly check updates, notifications and receive validation. The past week I have used grayscale on my phone and computer. I deleted social media accounts, removed the apps from my phone and also disabled the chrome browser on my phone. A few times I have re-enabled the browser so I can access some websites that have been blocked on the home router, by using my mobile data. I struggle quite a bit with this, and I find it difficult to resist the urge to check my phone first thing in the morning when I wake up, despite my best intentions not to.

I joined in the hope of learning some tricks and also to commit myself further towards the goal of unplugging from the network. I’m not sure where to go from here, but I think I need to focus on creating a list of activities, so I can find things to do in my now spare time. I have a habit of replacing one bad habit for another, for example, I spent a lot of time today using YouTube, one of the few social media sites I have not blocked. It’s like I am plugging one digital leak, only for another to burst somewhere else. I need to get past this and start replacing the internet activities with real life stuff.

Thanks for reading. I’ll look through the guides here and put some more thought into what exactly I want to achieve and how I can do that.


“It’s like I am plugging one digital leak, only for another to burst somewhere else”

Great analogy, I know exactly what you mean. I spend a lot of time trying to plug up the digital leaks from the internet. I wrote about it a bit here:


For me software was just one step of the journey. A lot of it comes down to changing your lifestyle and other aspects of your mind. Even when your computers perfectly set up if you’re just sitting there your going to be constantly dealing with the urge to do something online and the resulting frustration. For me I had to focus on sleep, social activities, and simply getting out of the house more. Meditation also helps a lot. It’s a long journey but your in the right place for it. Welcome to the forum and good luck going forward.


Thanks for the welcome greyrocks.

You’re right, there are lots of things to change, and the things you focus on are the same things I need to work towards. I need to sleep well, increase social activities and leave the house once in a while :wink:

Thanks too for the link, I looked through it and will try the software you listed. I already have cold turkey which has been good because I block sites on the computer for 24 hours. I look through various sites, get a fix then block them for 24 hours. Not sure if this is a good method, but it’s better than checking them every 30 minutes I guess. I also installed a simple launcher on my android phone and have the browser and any addictive apps disabled/uninstalled. It’s easy enough for me to put the browser back on, so willpower is involved, but so far today I have stayed strong.

I will work on creating some goals and a framework that I can follow. I think I will start a journal here too. First I will need the plan.