Hello Everyone!


I am Lycoris Radiata from Indonesia. Well… you know me previously as Fi. I lost my TOTP configuration for this site (deliberately), and since I use disposable email from emailondeck.com, I can’t recover the account. Also, you can find me at reddit with the handle /u/LycorisRadiata01.

So, a little bit more about me. I studied statistics in university, and got into nosurf from looking at my interchangeable habit of gaming and reading novels, in which both seems excessive from my perspective. I am a linux user mainly, and windows secondary. I have an android phone, with setup already described here. For nosurf, I have achieved success from smartphone side, and looking to improve my setup for my PC, and obviously, have better surfing habit.

I really like story, my game’s genre of choice is RPG and my preferred reading material is novel. Though, I have little interest to TV series or movies due to the first not being accessible and the second being a social activity (going to cinema alone is really not worth it). As of now, I have only one game in my now playing list (at this moment, I don’t feel like this one is excessively done) which is near completion, and a bucket of novels to read (in which those are mostly online, since you know, free).

So, I’m not happy with my excessive reading at the net. Often times I sneaked on the phone to read the latest updated chapter (this is often occur while I have task that I have to do). I have problem in prioritizing my reading below the priority task, so I think I am addicted. Not to mention when I have free time, the site where the stories are generated is what I first visited with my browser. With update rate of a content or more a day, five different sites to choose, and different time for each author/translator, I often refreshed the index site. My objective in this nosurf movement is to stop reading novel cold turkey, as I feel the content is not worth the time I spend for it. Not to mention, I feel like my grammar had become worse due to consuming contents with bad grammar.

Therefore, my objective for nosurf is:

  1. Find a strategy to stop reading novel on the web.
  2. Understand more about addiction from the neurological science side, at least at layman level.
  3. Set up my PC to not make me frustrated in doing browsing on the net and cues to stop when I have excessively browse.

So far, it is just those three.

Nice to meet you all.