Hello all!


Hello everyone, I am Abaxvahl, and I am preparing to NoSurf. Previously I have escaped many addictions, and technology (and it’s associate in my life: sloth) is one of the last ones to defeat. So far the others have been all snacks, sweets, and soda, all movies, media, games, news media, and music, all animal products, eating too much in general, all political affiliation and debating, and all violent action or preparation (such as even worrying for physical safety ever). Next is the internet (which basically embodies most technology and sloth to me).

I don’t expect to never use it, but I want it highly restricted and timed, and a loss of all desire for overuse or use as with other things. Thinking of it, I have known full well for years that it has devoured my life, as with other things, and it’s time to get out of this trap. Hope to learn and escape here.


Good luck on your nosurf journey! I also quit most of my other unhealthy habits before I started to tackle this one, which I am still working on.