Going without an internet browser at home?


Hey all, today I had the idea of trying something big, something new that I’m honestly surprised I never tried before. And that’s removing the internet browser from my home computer.

Recently I was trying to nosurf-ify my computer. Deleting apps I didn’t really need anymore, when I had this thought pop into my head.

I was all too willing to take the internet off of my phone and iPad. Yet I never tried to delete the internet browser off of my computer. And I surf on there the most out of all 3!

So today, I plan on doing that. By the end of this week I plan to be more nosurf-ey than I ever had before.

I’m only posting this to ask for advice on what to do to get ready for this new lifestyle change.

I plan on:

  • Removing my internet browser.

  • Getting rid of Spotify, and replacing it with some type of tinnitus software so I don’t have to hear this constant ringing in my ears while I write. I have tinnitus.

  • Finding some kind of backup in case I lose my files or the computer. What if someone breaks in and steals my stuff? Will I really have to start back from scratch? I heard Sync was an option that could help.

  • And of course, dealing with the temptation to get back on. My dad has a computer right next to me with internet, and I could just reset my iPhone and iPad to allow internet. I guess I could put my iPad in a closet, the basement, or keep it in the kitchen.