For those that nothing seems to work


Hey. I know you. We were standing beside each other at some points in our life. At some lows or highs in our road to success we even seem to do that nowadays.

You know those feelings. You get hyped from one, two motivational articles, dive in deep to pursue the absolute peak perfect of productivity hacks and motivational heights and you are hungry, striving to get your first scalp on a record. To prove the better out of yourself you NOW, only now seem to get everything that has been somehow hiding from you. Right from the tip of your nose.

You buy into the system. You start to experiment, to tinker, only… only to find out, after couple of weeks or days, you are back in your old ways.

Are you really THIS weak? - you say to yourself in your tiny head. Days past the initial discovery you, naturally almost, abandon and forget the new, no-procrastination scrutiny you were so extatic about. Can you really blame this on yourself alone?

No. Well, yes and no, but the point I’m trying to convey is that whatever may seem awesome at first you see or read, it could totally not work out AND THAT IS OKAY. Because it doesn’t work out for you, that doesn’t mean nothing will.

You see, I like to keep everything simple. That way you won’t get tangled into a spaghetti of complicated know-how’s. To get ahold of a root of the issue, you must ask deeply, “what do I want out of myself" and then not to think about the result, but the motion.

Everyone loves the result. That’s why the social media pushed so hard (and succesfully) into the core of our lives. We tend to romaticize the thing; oh, how beautiful, godly, how glorious would it be to achieve X. BUT, the system, the habit you are trying so hard to hold on with the promise of achieving the X, is built upon hours and hours of hard work. You simply cannot go an ungodly ammount of hours of working yourself out with only a vision of the trophy. You must fall in love with the system, or you will be unhappy. Me, a university student in a field which pretty much requires to study my whole life, knows that pretty well by now.

So, I know you are grinding your teeth now, questioning why is this guy talking nonsense I just want my answer to the question in the title already, god dammit. What do you do?

First of all, forgive yourself. It’s not okay you spent 3 hours more than you intended surfing, but it’s fine that not every method can and will work for you. You will work harder. Move on from this.

Next up, you probably already know what works the best for you and what doesn’t. Stop trying to be what you are not - for example don’t inherently try to wake up 4:30 AM when the best time of your productive human being is in the evening. You won’t find a morning person in you and that’s totally fine. I spent 5 years videogaming with little to no sense of a progress and only after that time I was able to recognize, that it’s up to no good. Be better than me.

Keep it simple. Why are you doing the thing you are doing? What’s at the end of it? Is it worth it right now? Is it worth it in the long run? What’s the worst it can happen if you miss it? Question everyting.

I’m serious. Do ask these questions and stop yourself in a middle of something you restricted yourself from. Identify the core of such situations and after a good ammount of tries, your brain will know what to do before this malicious activity can popup in your head and gain any traction.

Always start with a bang! I always made a mistake to delay the best for the rest. Not good. The most effective people in the world start their day by doing what they love. No emails, no checking news in the morning. In my experience this alligns - if you start your day by surfing the net, that can easily prolong into hours and then, solely after waking up at 5, you find yourself at 11am, staring at the screen. Don’t tell me that happened only to me! So starting your day right makes a world of difference.

Did I miss something? Probably. This is merely a fraction from the top of my mind on what it takes and what has been proven to work for me! Don’t be afraid to call me on that. I’m no mental expert. Some things could be prolonged into longer pieces, but that’s for the later. If you experienced something different or even opposite contrary to my so-called advice, let me know.

Have a nice, productive day folks.


Good advice. I find that people tend to beat themselves up especially in the early stages which just slowly down progress.

We’re often very kind and polite when it comes to how we treat friends or family or even strangers but when it comes to ourselves we are usually our own worst critic. I like to flip the script and try to maintain the right mental dialogue 24/7.

It’s a bit like tending a garden, you have to rip out the weeds and make sure you plant the right stuff mentally. It requires work every single day.

I also can relate to the importance of starting the day of right. Only recently have I made an effort to be really, really strict with my morning routine. I feel much happier as a result and get a lot more meaningful stuff done instead of getting stuck in the trivialities of what shows up through communication technologies.

For me it looks something like this:

  • Good breakfast (mango smoothie, rice, spinach lentils) (I’m trying to go semi vegan so this is a random breakfast I like haha).
  • Meditate for 15 minutes
  • Write in my journal, making a small plan for the day

I check my phone only after all this is done


one of the best things i have read! i absolutely love it. you are wonderful writer as well!