Flux Attempts to Tame the Internet - Part II


Week 1 - 25/11/2018
I kept a journal on here before though I asked for it to get deleted. In summary…

  • I initially set some goals I wanted to follow - meditate daily, make my bed every morning, use a site blocker, etc.
  • For the first 2 to 3 weeks I would say that I was doing well and building up “streaks” for these more positive habits. As a result, I start piling more and more on.
  • Due to having more things to try and stick to - the “streaks” start getting broken. These habits start getting harder to pick up again.
  • In the end I just went back to how I was before and my previous journal reflected that. I thought there wasn’t much point in trying to change so asked for it to be deleted.

Why start again? Posting on here provides me with a bit of accountability compared to what a private journal can provide. If I’m not doing great then I have to put that down somewhere.

The present. I used up some holiday and had the week off of work and it was very enjoyable. I meditated every morning, listened to some albums, made the bed, got out for a morning stroll, studied modern HTML5 markup, played Let’s Go, Eevee!, practiced guitar for the first time in ages and watched some TV. It doesn’t sound that productive or exciting but it was nice to have a break. Started slacking this weekend because the holiday was over. Monday to Friday was also really good in terms of not getting sidetracked by the internet - if I was on it, it was for a purpose - I need to keep track of pomodoros, I need a timer for guitar exercises, etc.

Aiming for short updates every Sunday.


Hey there! Welcome back!

Great to hear that you’ve had a relaxing week. What do you mean by “doesn’t sound that productive or exciting”? You practiced guitar and relaxed a bit. As long as you don’t mindlessly waste your time you’re good to go! I’ve said it a lot on this forum but it’s important to relax once in a while as well. There’s no need to be productive 24/7. Playing Pokémon once in a while is important as well :grinning:

Looking forward to your journal updates!


If you hear other people (in real life and online) talking about having time off work they tend to actually go out and do stuff either by themselves or with friends. E.g. go visit somewhere. Whereas, I was either inside or going for a walk around town which won’t be of any great interest to others.

I tend to think my life is pretty mediocre… I get up, I go to work, I get home, I browse the internet/play video games/watch TV and then go to bed and the cycle repeats. Was on YouTube watching a vlog and his day just followed a similar sort of pattern to mine. He even mentioned how we tend to get caught up in the idea that it is only our own life that is “boring” or whatever and another person’s is exciting in comparison - when in fact a lot of people’s lives are like that (during the work week at least).


Entry #2 - 02/12/2018
Unsuccessful week.

Went back to work on Monday after having a week off. I feel that if I procrastinate less there then that would have a positive knock on effect on other areas of life. For that to happen I would need to develop better communication skills, phone skills, etc. which is easier said than done. The Magic of Thinking Big (still not read it haha) got it right when it mentioned how people having fear leads to you getting held back and that initial fear just growing and growing.

“NoSurfing” hasn’t really happened. I have to share my room again for an unspecified period of time. My morning routine of getting up at a certain time and meditating for 10 minutes has been disrupted. In the evenings, I’ve usually just ended up browsing rubbish on the internet. Additionally, I’ve went back to my old ways of just chaining individual tracks on my iPod to waste time - that’s annoying because it ends up wasting songs I like.

Err, positives… I haven’t looked at crap like Instagram for a number of weeks. I’ve been on NoFap for 41 days which is my longest “streak” for a bit. I’m undertaking that more as a self-respect thing as opposed to seeking the “placebo” effects other people seem to experience.


Entry #3 - 09/12/2018

No real positives to take away from the past week. Last night, I ended up browsing until after midnight and looked at some websites I had done a good job of previously avoiding. Most evenings have been spent watching TV which is better than the internet but not by much.

I’m at work Monday to Thursday this week before stopping for Christmas. Ideally, I should close any outstanding tickets before then. Travelling to the city next weekend to see family and do some shopping which will be a nice change of scenery.

It has been a few since years since I started working - I’ve aged but nothing else has changed. I still waste a lot of time on technology, I’m not that great with others and I don’t take the time to learn new things. Still young enough to rectify though.


Entry #4 - 16/12/2018
Last day in the office this year was Thursday - got a few things complete and the rest was left in a better state than it was in to start with. Only work related thing left before 2019 is this Thursday when I have to go the annual meeting/Christmas lunch thing.

Yesterday, I was away to the city and got all of the Christmas gifts that I needed to get. Plus it meant that I was away from the internet for most of the day which was good.

Had an unpleasant incident when I was walking into town on Friday. There was a guy and his girlfriend in front of me and they obviously found something about my appearance to be funny. I’m walking faster than them so I catch up to them and walk around to get past them and whilst I’m doing that he proceeds to throw some insults at me. Ultimately, I just ended up getting past, never said anything and never looked back but it was still annoying. I’m not sure why some people feel the need to make other people feel like crap. Probably wanted to impress his girlfriend but really?

It’s sort of to do with that. In terms of other people I flip-flop between two things: having a complete personality transplant and being like most other people my age or pretty much staying the way I am. I’m starting to favour the second option although it would be nice to have a couple of people around my own age I could speak to every so often. Around here, most social occasions are usually based around alcohol, pubs, etc. and that’s just something that doesn’t really appeal. In those situations you are also more likely to run into more morons like the one on Friday too.


Entry #5 - 31/12/2018
2019 will be the first year where I am going to attempt to bullet journal throughout the WHOLE year. I’ve spent time today on the pages which are for the whole year - future log, lists for things I buy/outgoings, albums I listen to, things I read/play through/watch, etc. For each month, I’m going to add in a habit tracker as well.

I’m going to try and stick to the principles of NoSurf a bit more too. It’s not so much getting rid of the internet - it is more like using it as a tool and something to help me as opposed to something to entertain and waste time on.

Some 2019 aims I’ve noted down:

  • Work on a new or existing skill every month. Basically, 2018 might be the first year where I don’t particularly feel like I learned anything new so I want to change that in the coming year.

  • NoFap for an entire year.

  • Waste less time on the internet. Prime time wasters are Instagram, Twitter, online forums (especially ones to do with video games/football) and YouTube (again, mainly gaming related).

  • No binging on individual songs and no Spotify. From now on if I want to listen to music I’m going to listen to an entire album or put it on shuffle. No using it as background noise.

  • Buy a car.

  • Sell at least 12 items online.

  • Have a more positive outlook on life and be less negative. Be more in control of my own destiny.

  • Don’t swear as much. I don’t tend to swear out loud in front of people but I do find myself doing it under my breath quite regularly which is a bad habit.

Wish everyone on here a happy new year when it comes around!